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The many faces of Ruggero Santilli

Ruggero Maria Santilli
Ruggero Maria Santilli

Ruggero Santilli is a fascinating person. Once a scientist with an apparent normal career, now a fringe scientist running his own ‘scientific’ institute, publisher of two journals and founder of a dubious company which sells gas for welding purposes. He seems to have turned his backed on regular science completely, but at the same time tries to hold up the appearance of a serious scientist and tries to get some of his articles published in regular journals.

When one of those was debunked, he asked one of the scientists of his Institute for Basic Research, Jerdsey Vladimir Kadeisvili, to write a defense. This was published as well. Kadeisvili, however, is just an alias of Santilli as will get clear when you read on.

I will tell you about my investigation into the identity of Kadeisvili which got me labeled ‘a threat to America and mankind‘, about the reasons for this masquerade, and also about the difficulties I encountered to convince the journal(s) that something had to be done about this scientific fraud.


Read on: Finding JV Kadeisvili – or Mailing with Ruggero M Santilli

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