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Chess Fails Tumblr

Probably every chessplayer recognizes all kinds of errors which are made in films and other media when chessboards are shown. Boards oriented in the wrong way, queens and kings changed their start positions, illegal moves or positions. I started a Tumblr for collecting examples of this serious misbehaviour on  Tips can also be left in […]

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Shrink Chess

There are many, many variants of chess. Some variants just add other rules, others involve new pieces and there are some which need to be played on a board with a different shape. Most of these variants are not great to play, maybe fun for a few times. ‘Shrink Chess’ is one of the more […]

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The Chessflash PGN Viewer is a very nice and easy way to display chessgames on a website. I wrote a simple plugin which makes the use in WordPress blogs really easy: just type [​pgn][​/pgn] and place the pgn-data in between the tags. You can download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory (chessflash.swf version 2.16 […]

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