Dutch School Hires Dowser to Clean up Electrosmog


The Sacred Heart School in Lemelerveld (a primary school in a city in the East of the Netherlands ) thinks there might be a health problem with electromagnetic fields in its class rooms. Possibly negative radiation can harm the health of pupils and teachers, the school told local TV station RTV Oost. To get rid of this electrosmog they hired a local dowser, a man named Henri Berends, who is also working as electrician. During school holidays he successfully ‘cleaned’ the school. Head of the school, Mariëtte Eilert, told the reporter that she really notices a difference: pupils don’t complain about headaches as soon as before the clean-up.

Dowser Henri Berends
Dowser Henri Berends

The story only got more silly after reading an interview Eilert gave to newssite The Post Online. Apparently the dowser comes by every year and places small devices in the class rooms to the benefit of highly sensitive pupils. They seem to have quite a lot of those at the school, pupils with wandering souls … Luckily for the school (and taxpayers who would ultimately pay for this) Benders did his work for free accordingly. The devices Benders uses probably consist of layers of led and copper. But on his website he also promotes the use of crystals and stones. About Radiation, entities and energies he writes:

Because there is a lot of earthly radiation in our homes, electrosmog, old energy, the energy of people is pulled down. Because this energy is pulled down, it can get so low that you might get problems with entities/ghosts invading your aura.

Yeah, right.

Another school in The Netherlands lost several thousands of euros earlier this year to another charlatan. That one sold jars with copper and silver coils wich were placed on strategic points in the building to counterbalance Wi-Fi radiation. Maybe he would have gotten away with this for a while, if he hadn’t also put his faith in solving the radiation problem putting stickers in the school with the text ‘Ave Maria’. I’m not kidding here.

It’s worrying that people we trust the education of our children to, don’t seem to see through this nonsense. Even if you think that electromagnetic fields might be dangerous, it’s not that difficult to see that the proposed measures can’t have any effect. And if they don’t see that immediately, you hope that they would be clever enough to look elsewhere for proper information.
These two schools were duped by not too professional operating people. But there are also companies who sell bogus apparatus against Wi-Fi and GSM radiaton in a very well organized way. One of those, Floww health technology, even got support from a foundation, initiated by the government, which task it is to help new and innovative companies during start-up. This company is actively promoting its products to schools as well. I have no idea whether they are succesful in that, but these activities worry me more than this dowser.

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