Sued by Ruggero Santilli

“Prof. Santilli, what do you think of the DARK MATTER?” (IBR website)

It is very hard to take anything of Ruggero Santilli seriously and you could wonder if he takes his pseudoscientific ideas seriously himself. He definitely has some sense of humor – look at him making funny faces during an (fictitious) interview on the ‘ongoing obscurantism in cosmology’. But many other articles and the court cases he started against his critics can’t be seen as rather harmless activities of an extravagant person.

Santilli has now also sued me, time for an update.

“See you in court!”

Just some weeks ago I wrote that I had received a peculiar letter from Joseph E. Parrish, the attorney of Santilli, with complaints about three minor issues in the articles I wrote about the ideas of Santilli. I never received an answer to my response to these complaints. Neither from Santilli, nor from his attorney.
Actually I had no plans to write about Santilli again any time soon, but he leaves me no choice. Yesterday (Nov 1st) I received a summons: Santilli has sued me for defamation in the Circuit Court of the Sixth Judicial Circuit in and for Pinellas County, Florida. He chose to sue in a Circuit Court, because he claims to have sustained damages in excess of 15,000 dollar!

The complaints are now only about the article Florida Genius Now Sees Invisible ‘Entities’ (see update below). Chairman of Skepsis, professor Frank Israel, is also sued, as well as the company which hosts my website.

Download the summons documents (Case Number: 16-005160-CI)
[NB pages 4-14 are translations in Dutch from the original text on pages 15-25]

So what is left of the complaints? It comes down to this (paragraph 19):

In the article, Defendant, VAN ERP, falsely and maliciously refers to Plaintiff as a “fringe scientist”, “a mad professor” , and “a cunning scam artist”.

These issues I already addressed in my reply to the previous complaint, which I’ve also published on this website. To be short: it’s an undeniable fact that Santilli is seen as a fringe scientist by mainstream scientists. And I think it’s a fair and justifiable question to ask about anyone who sells telescopes which simply cannot work as described, whether he does this out of a completely wrong understanding of science (“a mad professor”) or perhaps, more cynical, just to make money fully aware that what he states cannot be true (“a cunning scam artist”).

The summons not just contains silly allegations, paragraph 16 gives a remarkable opinion on peer review:

It is recognized in the scientific community that when one disagrees with the scientific findings of another, the proper forum for challenging the science is through respectful debate, research and publication of peer reviewed articles based on inconsistent scientific findings and is not customarily attacked through blogs without peer review.

Although I’ve become somewhat familiar with Santilli’s behaviour, this step surprises me. Rather strange doing by attorney Parrish as well. I had sent him my response to the letter with the complaints on June 30th. And after I did not get any reply I asked him in emails on July 21st and August 1st explicitly whether he was still representing Santilli. No answer. His company’s website ( is not functional since the last couple of months (his old one still is). Yet, according to the summons he filed these electronically on August 8th. Weird.

Santilli has a long history of complaints and court cases against various individuals as well as institutions. I do not know whether all lawsuits Santilli claims to have started actually reached court, but this has definitely happened in the case against Fabio Cardone and Roberto Mignani, who fought back. As far as I can see all these complaints were without merit and are in fact nothing but harassment.

I have not yet decided how I will respond to these summons. It is quite annoying, but it could have been worse. Other critics of Santilli have been met with antisemitic slander, something which I have given only little attention in my previous articles.


On the website of the Institute for Basic Research you can read Santilli’s obsession with an alleged conspiracy of Jewish scientists [mirror] directed against his scientific ideas. Many would already see this as antisemitic, but more obviously antisemitic are articles on the website [homepage has been changed recently, mirror]. Apparently these are articles by several people who support Santilli, but they are most likely aliases of Santilli himself.
Over several months I have received many emails from ‘Luca Petronio’ of the International Committee on Scientific Ethics and Accountability, mentioned as author of many of these articles. Mostly these emails were not directed to me in particular, but rather sent to a mailinglist on which many (former) sympathisers to Santilli’s ideas can be found. Some well known fringe scientists like Stephen Crothers are on it, but also Christian Corda who has broken with Santilli some time ago and can be found in the comments on several articles on this site. He also has been threatened with legal action by Santilli.

The emails and articles of this ‘Luca Petronio’ are without any doubt antisemitic. Even Santilli himself acknowledges this on the page which is a foul attack [mirror] directed to Corda:

I denied to be the co-author of the blog on Corda’s dishonesty because I disapprove its Jewish profile elected by the Committee on Scientific Ethics due to excessive abuses by the Jewish scientific community, including the twisting of Corda from one my greatest supporters to a campaigner of discreditation of my work, which twisting was the typical last drop/

Finally, I want to be on record to indicate that I suggested the author of the blog to use a pseudonym such as “Luca Petronio” because I have been the victim of life threats by phonetic jews for my surpassing Einstein’s theories, as eyewitnessed at the end of the blog and a similar fate has been suffered by all my associates during the past forty years
Hence, the author of the blog was forced to use a pseudonym to protect himself and his family from fanatic Jews.

in faith

Ruggero Maria Santilli

So Santilli states that ‘Luca Petronio’ is a pseudonym. Only he cowardly doesn’t admit that he himself is behind this alias or at least someone really, really close to him, which makes him at least accessory in my opinion. This is quite clear when you look at the evidence. For example: a recent (Sept 27th)  mail from ‘Scientific Ethics <>’ has the following subject: “Continued defamatio of Prof. R. M. santilli by dishonest Jews”. The headers of the mail also give the following line:

Received: from Ruggero-Santillis-MacBook-Pro.local ( [])

Full text of the email has been shared by Christian Corda in the comments. This IP-address was also used by several visitors who left comments on my blog, recently by ‘Frank Stone’.  This alias uses the email address which was used by Carla Santilli to contact me via email, and which can also be seen on a webpage which tracks registered voters in Florida. Also the domain is registered on the Petronio-alias, on the same address as Hadronic Press Inc (just with an other unit number) and with the telephone number with which Ruggero Santilli has registered most of his other websites (like

Apart from several other slanderous remarks, so far Santilli has not used antisemitic language directly against me. Though he (‘Luca Petronio’) has written that my website is “jewish controlled“. The webpage on which that was written, has been changed several times. The last active version didn’t mention my website, and now the page has been erased entirely. Many of the pages I have linked to in this post have been removed very recently (that’s why I gave links to archived versions).  I think it is a safe guess that Santilli removed those, because their content might backfire in case he would proceed to sue (or will be sued himself).

I’m not bothered too much by silly complaints, empty threats, websites that slander me, or even this summons. The dark side of Santilli, which I have shown in this post, is something which upsets me much more. And it is about time this comes to an end.

Allegedly an interview by the Agence de la Recherche Scientifique Division de Guadaloupe, which I couldn’t find on the internet and no interviewer is mentioned.

7 September 2018

The title of that post has been changed according to the settlement agreement.

13 September 2018
New post: Settlement in Santilli vs. Van Erp and Israel


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14 thoughts to “Sued by Ruggero Santilli”

  1. I noticed in the court records that on 16/3/18 Santilli filed a request for injunction which was rejected shortly thereafter. I’m not certain what research/investigative efforts you have underway, but I thought it would interest you to consider that, on 5/3/18 Timothy Scott Wainright submitted an affadivit which was included with the request. What you may not know is that, although Wainright represents himself as “a professional management consultant for public companies”, and states that he has visited Santilli’s laboratory, the background-checking site has more information on him. Specifically, as of 1 March 2018 it lists him as COO of Thunder Energy. Failing to disclose this in his affadavit (if true) would seem to be a matter which might interest the court. Best of luck.

  2. It has been 2 years since you were sued.

    Could we please have an update? The curiosity is killing me.

    1. I hope to be able to give an update soon, but the case is still going on at this moment.

  3. As a member in good standing of the Mad Scientist Anti-Defamation League, I fail to understand how anyone could regard being called “mad scientist” as defamatory. It is a term of admiration.

      1. Wow… I simply couldn’t imagine someone being that stupid (RS). Santilli is summoning someone, based on his own assumptions only! I think Frank Israel should make a case of it himself, do some backfiring. From a legal perspective, I think you have nothing to be afraid of. IMO, Santilli is a rambling disaster.

  4. I don’t know if you have a basis for a counter suit but I suggest asking someone who does know the law. Parrish should be reported to the bar for engaging in frivolous prosecution. That carries up a $25,000 penalty, which would be nice to see assessed.

  5. So what are Santilli’s complaints against professor Frank Israel except for his Jewish name?

    By now, it feels like walking into quite an intimate situation on your website every time you are writing about RS. Frank Stone is Carla Santilli and you found out among other things because of Florida voters “unrestricted, public information”? Wow, I will keep that in mind, next time I go voting in the United States of America.
    Almost everybody who responds to your RS articles, except for Jan Willem Nienhuys and me, are in fact Santilli aliases?

    I tried to look into that fictitious interview with the mind blowing (…) photos of RS. Santilli even has great difficulty correctly spelling the name of the future President of the United States, and other famous names:

    he is the recipient of the prestigious Mediterranean Prize also granted to Hilary Clinton, Price Albert of Monaco, France President Nicolas Sarkozy, Juan Carlos King of Spain, international architect Renzo Piano, and other famous people; and he is the recipient of over 100 nominations for the Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry. Particularly significant is the motivation of the Mediterranean Prize published in the Italian newspapers indicating that Prof. Santilli is one of few scientists in history who has achieved basic discoveries in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

    Even spelling his favorite Hollywood inspiration causes Santilli great trouble:

    A. Following the beautiful TV series of Start Trek that influenced me greatly, the NASA planetary missions, millions of UFO sightings that can only be explained as being due to extraterrestrial visitors, the universe is perhaps the greatest interest of mankind today.

    I won’t express myself about the contents of his fringe theories, because, in that field, I am not properly substantiated, but as an interested bystander, I put my stakes on you. You can always visit Orlando, Florida afterwards; heck, maybe by then, they even have a Star Trek Theme Park.

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