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Test Your Intolerance has no Scientific Evidence for their Bioresonance Allergy and Food Intolerance Tests

The Dutch website is offering tests to check for allergies and food intolerance. These tests are done by sending a hair sample to a laboratory in the United Kingdom, the website mentions, but it is very unclear what kind of tests are used. The international website of the company Test Your Intolerance is more transparent about this: they use Bioresonance. This immediately makes it clear that we are dealing with quackery because bioresonance is utter bullocks.

To be sure that the samples collected via the Dutch website were also tested with these bioresonance tests, I asked some questions in the chat. Here’s that conversation:

The long answer to my questions about the evidence popped up almost immediately. Surely this was a copy-paste answer that the company has given to more people asking this kind of questions.

At least they’re honest about the lack of scientific evidence …

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3 thoughts to “Test Your Intolerance has no Scientific Evidence for their Bioresonance Allergy and Food Intolerance Tests”

  1. Just to clarify this entity and its agents are not extracting DNA from hair samples of victim-customers, RIGHT?

    1. You’re right, they don’t use real DNA tests. Bioresonance gives random results, that are not related to the tested substance.

  2. I often browse the web these days trying to find help to my hay fever. I like to read about new ideas, things that I may not have tried before. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your site. Thank you for sharing.

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