Debunking Fall Cabal by Janet Ossebaard – Part 2

Janet Ossebaard (from The Netherlands) made a ten-part video series on YouTube that propagates the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory. The series is called Fall Cabal, and you will have no trouble finding it, although some parts tend to be getting removed by YouTube.

Debunks of other parts:
[1][3] [4] [5] [6-10]
Ossebaard’s more recent video series on COVID-19 is debunked here.

Janet Ossebaard, who calls herself a researcher, used to be mostly involved with crop circles, UFOs and extraterrestrials. (photo: screenshot Twitter)

According to Ossebaard, a big change is about to happen, but most people don’t seem to have a clue. So therefore she is going to tell the hidden truth to us. She claims to have access to privileged knowledge because she knows the Great Plan that is unfolding before our eyes.

Below follows a description of the myths Ossebaard recycles, and debunks of the more or less factual claims she makes in Part 2 of her video series. Timestamps are added throughout the text for easy reference.

Written in collaboration with Peter Zegers.

Part 2 – Down the Rabbithole…


Ossebaard starts out by explaining the importance of the extreme right-wing conspiracy theory QAnon. She is a true believer. At 00:45 she says: “I will get into the identity of Q later on in this documentary.” Which she will not do until Part 10. Ossebaard thinks Q knows the true history of mankind and everything we know is wrong. Not only does Q know the real history, but he also knows the Plan.

Who posts as Q (or did so in the beginning), is not known. What is known is that it became a true phenomenon when in November 2017 three conspiracy theorists decided to promote Q via YouTube and Reddit for financial gains. Until then QAnon had just been one of several ‘Anons’, alleged high-positioned government officials who post secrets on 4chan anonymously.

Q-fanart – WWG1WGA = “Where we go one, we go all.”

At 02:17 Ossebaard says: “Q is not a cult, as suggested by opponents. After all, it does not tell us what to think or what to do. It merely gives us questions, clues and riddles. We need to do the research in order to find the answers and that is how we discover the truth.” But never does Ossebaard question Q’s claims to truth.

At 02:48 she reinvents her own biography: “The Q-drops opened my eyes to a whole new world, a world of secret societies, secret services within secret services, and secret deals made on a grand scale.” She taps into the populist fear of secret elites. Ossebaard lies because she was already a conspiracist for more than twenty years before she got involved with QAnon.

Ossebaard claims (at 3:00) that the world is run by the excessively rich ‘one percent’ of the world population, which she identifies as the Illuminati or Cabal. Hidden from the daily events we ordinary people observe, there is a war going on between good and evil, Ossebaard says, and shows us a picture of Jesus arm-wrestling with the devil. This war for world dominance (4:10), in which the Cabal aims for absolute submission of the masses, is fought over by the constant waging of war, by the creation of the Federal Reserve and central banks, and by trafficking drugs, oil and people.

Federal Reserve

Ossebaard then uses a very old right-wing narrative about the Federal Reserve system. But she doesn’t seem to have a vast grip on chronology when she claims (4:27) that the only presidents to oppose something like a federal bank have been Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) and John F. Kennedy (1917-1963). The Federal Reserve was founded in 1913, while Lincoln was assassinated in 1865.
Lincoln, however, founded the National Banking System, that preceded the Federal Reserve. Would Lincoln have been against the creation of the Federal Reserve, because it is based on different principles? Who knows?
Why Ossebaard also sees Kennedy as an oppositional force towards the Federal Reserve is a bit unclear. Maybe the idea comes from completely misunderstanding the reforms Kennedy proposed to get rid of silver as the backing for the smaller currencies (see also Executive Order 11110).
The history of central banking in the United States is quite complicated. Ossebaard just picks conspiracy theories from sources she doesn’t reveal and doesn’t seem to understand this subject at all.

No, the Federal Reserve is not privately owned.

How little Ossebaard understands about the Federal Reserve and the Central Banks becomes even more obvious when she claims (5:05) that these institutions are all privately owned by some of the most wealthy and influential families. This is simply false. Ossebaard goes on to tell that two of these powerful families are the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, to whom she will come back in a minute.

Ossebaard shows this picture when she talks (5:35) about how the Federal Reserve became into law in 1913, but this is Franklin D. Roosevelt signing a bill in 1934. (Wikimedia Commons)

But first (5:30) she feels the need to spread the conspiracy theory that three wealthy men who allegedly opposed the creation of the Federal Reserve (John Jacob Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim and Isador Straus) were conveniently neutralized when they went down with the Titanic on 15 April 1912. But hey, if they were so extremely wealthy and powerful, why were they not part of the ‘one percent’? And actually, there is no shred of evidence that these three men were against creating the Federal Reserve. Straus, for instance, was definitly supporting the idea.

At 6:40 Ossebaard claims that the rest of the opposition was easily cornered, the US Congress was bypassed, and the FED was thus created illegally and unconstitutionally. This myth is well answered in The Fed and Its Enemies.

The Rothschild family

At 05:13 Ossebaard claims: “All central banks are in the hands of the Rothschilds.” Again, no evidence or even source for this outlandish claim, but it fits perfectly well in a long antisemitic tradition mainly cultivated by the extreme right wing.

Embed from Getty Images

At 06:55 Ossebaard claims that the Rothschild family “owns most of the world”, every central bank and they also control the International Monetary Fund and the World Health Organization. On top of this, they financed both parties in every war since the war against Napoleon. They also financed the Bolshevik revolution. Again, no evidence, no sources, just bold claims. This also is part of an extreme right-wing narrative. So Hitler was in the pay of the Rothschilds? Yes according to Ossebaard.

The accusations against the Rothschilds date from 1846, when Georges-Marie Dairnvaell published his pamphlet, Histoire édifiante et curieuse de Rothschild Ier, roi des Juifs under the pseudonym Satan. There is a long tradition of this antisemitic scapegoating and Ossebaard doesn’t hesitate to use this propaganda.

Ossebaard claims (7:21) the Rothschilds financed Hitler and the nazi’s, and the production of IBM’s punching machines that enabled the Nazis to efficiently prosecute the Jews. It is true that IBM’s systems played a significant role in the Holocaust, but we could not find any links with the Rothschilds, although it is likely that the family, or the banks that they were involved with, would have had shares in a company like IBM. That doesn’t mean they controlled the company or were directly involved with management, as Ossebaards suggests. The same holds for the other companies that Ossebaard mentions, like Exxon (which didn’t even exist under that name in the 1930s) and IG Farben.

Hollerith machines from IBM used by the nazis (US Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection)

If you resist the alleged power of the Rothschilds by trying to take control of your own central bank, or do not longer want to accept the almighty US petro dollar, you’re ousted or killed, Ossebaard claims (from 8.00), after which she shows images of Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad. Ossebaard is mixing up cause and effect here. Those dictators were already facing heavy boycotts before they decided to play around with ideas to sell oil without having to resort to the global market in which the US dollar is the standard currency for this commodity.

Finally, for this part on the Rothschilds (8:37), Ossebaard brings up the myth that Lord Jacob Rothschild inherited an important patent after 4 co-owners disappeared on flight MH 370.

A pyramid of power which can often be seen in the stories of conspiracy theorists. Which families belong to the ‘ Crown Council of 13’ differs, but the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are regularly seen as members.

The Rockefeller family & Bill Gates

Although the Rothschilds own the world, there is still another family who is responsible for all the evils in the world. At 09:05 Ossebaard illustrates the influence of the Rockefellers with a photograph showing Nelson Rockefeller with … John F. Kennedy. Wait a minute, wasn’t he one of the good guys? She then claims that education and research is in the hands of the Rockefellers. At 10:02 she claims “everything was in the hands of the Rockefellers.” So, the Rothschilds are not all-powerful? Again, no explanation is given.

Ossebaard is a radical anti-vaxxer. Vaccines are poison, they cause all kinds of medical problems: epilepsy, autism, miscarriages, and even death. Here again, Ossebaard aligns herself with right-wing conspiracism. Rockefeller was a target for Gary Allen in his books None Dare Call It Conspiracy (1971), and Rockefeller: Campaigning for the New World Order (1974). And even earlier he was accused of being behind a vast conspiracy by McCarthy supporter Emanuel M. Josephson in his Rockefeller, “Internationalist”: the man who misrules the world (1952). Probably Ossebaard never read any of these works, but she just rehashes a few articles from extreme right-wing papers or websites.

The Rockefeller’s philanthropy is frowned upon by Ossebaard. The Rockefeller Foundation played important roles in the foundation of schools and universities (9:24) like Johns Hopkins University, the University of Chicago, Harvard University and Yale Law School. “They founded schools and universities, leaving a huge imprint on what should and should not be taught our children and students.” And she notices that the family further expanded “their tentacles of power” into medical associations and institutions (9:34). She goes as far as claiming that the Rockefellers own the FDA which is a government agency (10:00). None of this is backed up by any evidence, or explanation what she means by ‘own’ in this context.

At 10:04 Ossebaard claims that the Rockefellers “further infiltrated the educational and medical system” and handed out grants to specific research programs for vaccines against ebola, yellow fever, zika, the flu and hpv. She sees the development of vaccines as a bad thing and claims that we don’t hear about the serious side effects because doctors lie to you, just like the media and the government, where the Rockefellers have
placed representatives on the highest levels (11:05).

The influential Flexner Report from 1910

At 11:16 Ossebaard claims that all forms of alternative healthcare were demonised and prohibited in favour of pharmaceutical, chemical drugs. This goes back to the Flexner Report of 1910. Andrew Carnegie, another business tycoon turned philanthropist, hired Abraham Flexner to investigate the state of affairs of medical schools in the United States. The report initiated an improvement of standards and was very critical of therapies that had not been tested scientifically, like homeopathy. Adherents of alternative therapies want us to believe that this was all a set-up to enable Rockefeller to make lots of money from his interests in Big Pharma.

According to Ossebaard the Rockefellers were also responsible for “adding the toxic chemical waste product fluoride to our water and toothpaste” (11:34). The history of fluoridation of drinking water is quite interesting. The link with the Rockefellers is probably nothing more than some research into the effects of fluoridation financed by the Rockefeller Foundation. Or maybe it is the approval of implementing fluoridation by one of the medical associations that ‘are owned by the Rockefellers’, as Ossebaard will see it.
But there are many predominantly right-wing conspiracies around fluoridation. In Murder by Injection, antisemitic writer Eustace Mullins suggests that is used as a mind-control ploy by the ‘Rockefeller Syndicate’, and that the Nazis had experimented with it for that purpose. None of that is true.

As Bill Gates is financing vaccination programs and the development of new vaccines via the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he is hated by anti-vaxxers and has become the subject of many conspiracy theories.

Ossebaard claims (12:00) that the Rockefellers and Bill Gates own millions of shares in Monsanto. Ossebaard taps into another popular fear. She is not discussing the dangers of GMOs, but instead is trying to invoke fears about an unknown technology.
But her claim in itself contains some truth. A 2016 report by the independent Global Policy Forum documents that the Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation invest heavily in GMO research in which Monsanto and Bayer are involved. The report doesn’t mention, however, whether the organisations also own shares in these companies.
According to the report “both foundations share the fundamental belief that hunger and malnutrition in the southern hemisphere are primarily caused by a lack of technology, knowledge and access to markets.” Together they launched in 2006 the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA).

NB In her video series on COVID-19 Ossebaard will claim that Bill Gates is not merely ‘ a partner in crime’ to the Rockefellers, but is in fact a member of the Rockefeller family! She bases this on a very flimsy genealogical relationship (8th cousins, 1 time removed) between Gates and Nelson Rockefeller.

Ossebaard seems horrified by the concept of genetic modification and tries to frame it in an evil way by using the tainted term eugenics (12:10), which seamlessly brings us back into nazi territory. She claims that the Rockefellers financed the medical experiments of the nazis. This is a tricky lie. Up until 1939 the Rockefeller Foundation was funding research at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics, which inspired the later medical experiments. But it is quite a stretch to state that the Rockefellers actually financed those horrific deeds that mostly took place in the concentration camps.

Josef Mengele (on the left) in Auschwitz. (a cropped version of this photo is shown by Ossebaard)

After discussing the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, Ossebaard states (12:44) that other families are even more powerful. An old picture with men in robes that are decorated with skulls is shown, presumably a secret student society consisting of members of these even more powerful families. [update 26/4/2020: the photo is from the Kappa Gamma Fraternity, a fraternity for the deaf at Gallaudet University]
She promises to get back to this later, but probably we have to wait for another video series of hers, as I can’t remember having seen Ossebaard mentioning anything about them in the other parts of Fall Cabal.

Secret society of the most powerful families? Nope, it is from the Kappa Gamma Fraternity at Gallaudet University (photo | Kappa Gamma Fraternity)

George Soros

There is little Ossebaard adds to the existing hate literature about the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, or Bill Gates. And also on the topic of George Soros she follows a well-trodden path (13:00). She just repeats what loads of right-wing conspiracists have been writing (no matter how far-fetched) about these people. She is hardly original and just recycles the usual idiotic stuff. That is not research, it is hatemongering.

George Soros at the World Economic Forum in 2011 (photo: M. Wuertenberg | Wikimedia Commons)

According to Ossebaard (13:50) Soros funds the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) which aims to legalize transsexuality and paedophilia. NAMBLA was a member of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) before being expelled in 1994. Through his Open Society Foundations Soros is supporting organisations that strive for the improvement of the legal status of homosexuals and other sexual minorities, so it could be that also ILGA received funds some time (some activities have received coverage on the website of The Open Society Foundations).
The link conspiracy theorists see between Soros and NAMBLA is probably nothing more than a thought along this line: Soros has supported ILGA (in recent years), NAMBLA was a member of ILGA, so Soros supports NAMBLA.

Fake Antifa flag

Ossebaard also claims Soros supports Antifa (14:15) without giving any evidence. And she shows the manipulated picture of a flag of the National Front, a far-right, fascist political party in the United Kingdom, a group Antifa is protesting against. Again clear proof that Ossebaard isn’t an honest researcher but just an uncritical recycler of fake news and conspiracy theories.

The Open Society Foundations did support Black Lives Matter (14:36). According to Ossebaard the organisation “pretends to be left-wing, but shows nothing but riots and violence in practice” while showing pictures from the riots in Ferguson. It goes way too far to suggest that organisations like Black Lives Matter are only out to incite violence, just because a couple of protests in which they played a role, went out of control.

Although I’m still planning to cover the entire video series, debunks of the other parts might get a somewhat different format (and will probably be shorter) as they do contain less factual claims.

Next: debunk of Part 3

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17 thoughts to “Debunking Fall Cabal by Janet Ossebaard – Part 2”

  1. Yeah… ok she’s making it all up. Right…

    If it’s all a bunch of bunk, then why has it been wiped off of all social media? Just a bunch of crazies you say? All wiped off of social media…. anything Q related? Gone! What are you so afraid of if it’s just nonsense?

    The fact that you dismiss it so easily and clean the web and social media of it SHOWS that you are scared.

    What are you so afraid of???

    1. YouTube deleted part 5 of the series as it is about Pizzagate. The company also removed some of the episodes of the Covid series as it contains misinformation. The rest of the videos Ossebaard removed herself.

    2. One of the stupidest blogs ive ever read. How much were you paid to put this drivel out? You provide basically no source material for anything. Oh, yes, you do use garbage articles from MSM to “disprove” and “debunk” (favorite words from bloggers like yourself, similar to “conspiracy theorists,” all designed to avoid rational argument and attack the messenger.) Your methods are horribly flawed. Some of the worst “evidence” ever posted. No wonder no one pays any attention to you. I see in your further hit pieces you claim YouTube deleted items due to “misinformation.” As if YouTube cared about truth. Its always the same, the leftist sheep use fake news to support their arguments that something has been “debunked.” Go do some real “research” this is pathetic.

      1. Just name one of the things I discuss in the post which is actually true according to you (not debunked) and provide reliable sources for that.

  2. Look groups like Antifa and BLM are funded somehow and it is not by little people like me. That being said someone with money is funding this stuff. I think some of the conspiracy comes from it is to hard to believe.
    I would have never thought Epstein would have gotten away with what he did either but he sure did, for years. Many of these big people have death following them at every step. When it is brought up it is suddenly a conspiracy. There have been people convicted on less circumstantial evidence than what surrounds these people.

    1. Why do you think groups like Antifa and BLM are funded? Doesn’t look like they need more money to organize the things they do than they can get by small donations.

  3. You often say “probably”, like “this is probably” this or that in this article, merely imagining what her sources might’ve been or the line of thought that led to her statements. Some of your debunking has merit and I appreciate that but some of it is really worthless too..

    1. The term ‘probably’  is used five times in the post. Only two times in relation to a specific claim of Ossebaard: the (alleged) links between Rockefeller and fluoridation, and between Soros and NAMBLA. Ossebaard doesn’t provide sources for her claims. If your opinion that some of the debunking is “really worthless”  is based on these two issues, then I’m not impressed by your judgement.

    1. I have just watched some of her videos briefly, but she seems to spout similar nonsense as Ossebaard.

    2. I am not positive she’s Q but I think it’s highly likely. Look at her bio. She interned at the state dept. She was a vicious celeb reporter(no shame) and she accused her ex of being involved in a child sex ring in her book. She was writing about child sex rings for her job. She was ill so she incurred a lot if debt so she needed some income. Now she’s selling Q merchandise and has a video that’s being pushed everywhere. She’s involved in several lawsuits as well.

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