Debunking Fall Cabal by Janet Ossebaard – Part 3

This post deals with part 3 of the ten part video series Janet Ossebaard published on YouTube and went viral in the first few months of this year. The series, that propagates the far right QAnon conspiracy theory, is called Fall Cabal. I will not provide links to the videos, but you will have no trouble finding them, although some parts tend to be getting removed by YouTube.

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Ossebaard’s more recent video series on COVID-19 is debunked here.

Written in collaboration with Peter Zegers.

The original upload of part 3 amassed more than a million views within three months.

The Alien Invasion

Right from the start Ossebaard is framing the documentary by claiming the people from the caravan wanted to invade the United States. She chose this extremely negative image to start her presentation. We are shown images of huge crowds, nameless and faceless. These are images from the Central American Migrant Caravan that took place in April 2018 (00:12). At 00:37 however, a map from October 2018 is shown, which is the correct date for the caravan that started on 12 October in Honduras.

At 00:38 She states: “But then I realized there were just too many pictures of women and children, which is always a sign of media manipulation and a hidden political agenda. Always.” But she herself made this selection from the overwhelming amount of material available. She mentions that some QAnons ‘studied’ a few pictures. So instead or relying on eyewitness reports, Ossebaard prefers to rely on frivolous remarks made by anonymous people on the internet. The QAnons were very inventive indeed, some saw mobile phones, or make-up, or expensive clothes (“and they claim to be poor?”), others saw flip-flops (“and they walk 45 miles a day?”; “where are the blisters?”)…

A caravan consisting of Salvadorans (photo: Voice of America| Wikimedia Commons)

That Ossebaard doesn’t have a clue about the nature of the caravans immediately becomes clear when she states (1:04): “These people had to walk 45 miles each day for 1.5 months.” For some strange reason Ossebaard thinks these people had to travel just by foot. Nobody ever made this claim except Ossebaard herself. A classical example of attacking a strawman. She then is very shocked when she notices that busses and vans are deployed to transport people. Indeed many participants hitchhiked.

At 02:35 Ossebaard then jumps to the conclusion that the marchers have to be paid actors. Another proof of this are the colored wristbands. According to her every color is some kind of code for the benefit of reporters and cameramen who are all part of this huge scam. In reality these wirstbands were most likely issued by the Mexican authorities to be able to monitor the flow of people, as they did some months later as well.

Ossebaard starts from the assumption that the mainsstream media is producing a lot of fake news, she then looks for anomalies (or better what she perceives as being anomalies) in reporting and makes up alternative explanations out of the blue. Because one person in a huge crowd is holding something that looks like a mobile phone, she jumps to the conclusion that everyone in that crowd has one and must be rich as well.

Ossebaard now focusses (3:36) on one particular woman, Maria Mesa, and suggests that she made up the story that she and her children were attacked with teargas. Ossebaard even suggests that no teargas at all was used in November 2018 at the border, and that the smoke clouds you see on the pictures were caused by the migrants themselves using smoke grenades.
Strange, because even her hero Donald Trump doesn’t deny the use of tear gas that day. “Speaking in Mississippi, Mr Trump said the border agents were right to use tear gas. “Here’s the bottom line: Nobody’s coming into our country unless they come in legally.” He added that the gas used was “very safe” and was a “very minor form” of tear gas.”
Later, however, Trump denied that the tear gas had been used on children, despite the overwhelming evidence of the contrary (read the story of the photographer who made the widely shared photo of Mesa and her kids).

This incident at the border was well covered in the press, but Ossebaard stubbornly clings to the idea that it was all staged. At 05:30 Ossebaard accuses the mainstream media and calls their coverage biased and flawed. But it’s definitely more a matter of the pot calling the kettle black.
By the way, Time magazine wrote about Maria Mesa six months later, when she was living in the US, waiting for a decision on her plea for asylum.

At 07:07 Ossebaard shows two pictures of the same two people where one is pushing a wheelchair and says: “Make up your mind please. Do you want the shirt on or off ?” thereby insinuating the photograph was staged.

For some reason, Ossebaard thinks that these two photos should give us a clue that these people are actually paid actors. Left photo by Moises Castillo (AP), right photo Jorge Cabrera (Reuters).

At 07:30 Ossebaard states: “When you really want to know what is going on in the world, you have to do the research.” Of course, but ignoring the facts doesn’t seem to be a good starting point for this.

At 07:43 Ossebaard concludes: “The migrant caravan was a staged event with a political motive.” This event is extremely well documented, but Ossebaard cherrypicked only a very limited amount of pictures and presented it as being the whole picture. And she thus chose to willfully ignore all the rest because they did not fit her agenda. Here are some better sources on the migrant caravan:

Ossebaard chooses to ignore the humanitarian crisis. Even reports from NGOs like Medecins Sans Frontières or Amnesty International won’t convince Ossebaard of the reality of this crisis.

George Soros, again …

At 07:49 Ossebaard claims the caravan was financed by George Soros. Just like ‘pedophile club’ NAMBLA, Antifa and Black Lives Matter (see the debunk of part 2). Needless to say she doesn’t back up her statements, but relies on extreme right wing propaganda sources. Here are some factchecks:

But Ossebaard will predictably accuse all factcheckers of being in the pay of Soros as well. Of course, she will dodge the issue of evidence for her allegations alltogether and make wild, unsubstantiated accusations. All protesters, reporters, NGOs and factcheckers must be part of this huge conspiracy…

At 08:26 Ossebaard reveals that participants in the caravan receive 15 US dollar per hour: “All they had to do was to play the part of poor refugees looking for a safe haven.” At 08:46 Ossebaard repeats the accusation against George Soros, that he spent 33 million dollars on organizing the Ferguson riots, from Part 2 (see the debunk of that episode). Soros has been one of the favorite targets of the extreme right for a very long time. You can find factchecks on a innumerable range of accusations here. At 09:00 Ossebaard shows a tweet by a fake account to ‘proof’ her point about Antifa being paid by Soros. But #BeverlyHillsAntifa is a scam. It has no relation with Antifa and is part of a disinformation campaign.

Ossebaard claims at 09:24 that Soros’ goals are to destabilise and to create division by race, politics, gender, and religion because a divided people is easy to rule. At 09:44 QAnon is mentioned again as working toward a better future without divisions, wars, treason, and corruption. And Donald Trump is leading us there. A statement of faith of Ossebaard who seems to be completely under the spell of this extreme right wing conspiracymyth.

Trumps message is distorted by the mainstream media, which results in distrust. But Ossebaard wants us to look at the facts and give a complete jubilant presentation of the accomplishments of Trump. “He’ll start a nuclear war, the mainstream media shouted” (10:29). “But he came back with peace.” Ossebaard seems to forget that there was a heated exchange between Kim Jong-Un and Trump (remember “Rocketman?”).

Child Trafficking

Ossebaard sounds more like a groupie than a researcher when she is praising Trumps achievements. He is the long awaited Messiah. At 11:18 she states that one of the priorities of Trump is to put an end to child trafficking. She claims that he signed law against human trafficking “right after his inauguration” (January 20, 2017), but illustrates this with a picture from April 11, 2018.

QAnons, most of them enthusiastic Trump, believe many elite politicians and celebrities belong to an international cabal of pedophiles and will soon be arrested.

Then at 11:35 she mentions that Trump signed an Executive Order that targets people involved in “serious human rights abuse or corruption“. Ossebaard does not explain what this has to do with child trafficking. The Executive Order targets several people (using the Global Magnitsky Act as legal basis), but none of them are specifically charged with child trafficking.

At 11:48 Ossebaard shows another picture but fails to give is context. It is taken from the meeting in 2017, but she doesn’t mention the boycott of several of the most prominent anti-human trafficking organizations. The Washington Post writes: “Their decision comes after months of anguish over what they describe as an act of public deception. They say that although the president frequently invokes human trafficking, his administration is actively endangering a significant portion of trafficking victims: immigrants.” But maybe they are also in the pay of George Soros?

From 13:20 onwards Osssebaard argues that Democrats have been in favour of a wall between the US and Mexico which is one of Trumps major goals. Although Democrats have supported increased border security, that has not translated into support for a wall like Trump proposed. Ossebaard tells her viewers that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, while they were senators, voted in favour of the Secure Fence Act of 2006. This is true, but when you look into the details of that law and the plans of Trump for a wall, you’ll notice huge differences. And so did Trump himself during the 2016 campaign, as he ridiculed the 2006 plans for a fence.


At 14:28 Ossebaard starts a new thread. She shows us a couple of men who are allegedly whistleblowers with a history in the security or police forces. Ossebaard tells little about them, she aks the viewers to google for the names of these men themselves.

The first is John Kiriakou, a former CIA officer, about whom Ossebaard claims that he stated: “We supply the elite pedophiles with children”, without mentioning that Kiriakou was talking about a hypothetical scenario. He argued that, due to a lack of ethical guidelines many CIA agents would procure a child prostitute for a source if they thought that was necessary to obtain vital information for the agency. He never said that he knew of it ever happening. Ossebaard is clearly being misleading here. 

Then it is on to Ted Gunderson (14:20), a former FBI agent. In the 80s and 90s he became one of the most influential propagators of the Satanic Panic, the idea that there is a secret widespread network of people who kidnap children for ritual abuse and even sacrifice. Gunderson would often present self-proclaimed victims who alleged to have recovered memories.
Gunderson’s conspirational thinking was highly influenced by the book Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr, in which he propagates an age-old Jewish Illuminati banking conspiracy.

Next up is Jon Wedger (14:32) from the UK, a former Scotland Yard detective, who claims to have discovered a well organised child prostitution network. Many of his stories do not hold up to scrutiny and he is very much involved with conspiracy theorists and promoters of dangerous quackery.
We see a photo of him while giving testimony at the International Tribune for Natural Justice, a self-appointed ‘court’ founded by Sacha Stone that holds unsanctioned hearings on topics ranging from child trafficking and corruption to the ‘effects’ of 5G. Ronald Bernard, the alleged former Illuminati banker (see: Ronald Bernard of the B of Joy on Child Sacrifices and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion on this site), also testified at the ITNJ Judicial Commission.

At 14:37 we see a headline ‘Sacha Cohen Appears to Expose Elite Pedophile Ring’. This relates to an interview comedian Sacha Baron Cohen gave about his series Who is America? He tells about a conversation with a concierge in Las Vegas who in the end seemed to suggest that he was able to arrange some very young boys for a date. Of course we know from Baron Cohen‘s work that he manages to lure people into making extreme statements, some might also suspect that it is all an act by Baron Cohen and play along. The FBI, who looked at the scene (that was not used in the series), decided not to pursue the tip.

At 14:48 Ossebaard shows another made up story, “President Trump Announces Elite Pedophile Ring Investigation”, written by ‘Baxter Dimitry’ on the now defunct fake news website (archived copy).

Ossebaard ends this episode (15:45) by claiming that there is a huge criminal organisation involved with child trafficking, kidnapping and selling children to high ranking officials, running from mayors to presidents and royalty (a picture of Prince Bernhard and Prince Claus of the Netherlands is shown). If we think this is all far fetched, we need to watch part 4, Ossebaard tells us. So our debunking work is not yet finished…

Next: debunk of Part 4

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