Debunking Janet Ossebaard’s COVID-19 video series

Since a couple of months, Dutch cropcircle enthousiast and firm believer in extraterrestrial contact, Janet Ossebaard, scores massive viewing figures with her conspiracy videos on YouTube. In my previous post I’ve debunked the first part of her ten part video series that promotes the far right QAnon conspiracy theory. In this post I will deal with her more recent series on the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

Janet Ossebaard, who calls herself a researcher, used to be mostly involved with crop circles, UFOs and extraterrestrials. (Photo: screenshot Twitter)

In this four part series, which you can easily find yourself on YouTube, Ossebaard does what she did in her previous series: she just bombards the viewer with unsubstantiated claims. At the end of this long, long post you’ll find a fragment of an interview that shows how she responds when she’s confronted with her lack of evidence and not providing sources. In this post I will probably not tackle all of her claims. Important things you missed, you can bring up in the comments for discussion.

Right from the start Ossebaard makes a silly mistake.
p1-0:18 [= part 1 at 0:18 mins] COVID-19 is not the name of the virus, it is the name for the illness that is caused by it. The official name of the virus, after it is was briefly called 2019-nCoV (Novel Corona Virus), is SARS-CoV-2. Ossebaard never mentions the virus by its correct name.

p1-0:35 Ossebaard suggests that measures like closing schools and restaurants are taken because of an enormous fear of getting infected, while it is more about preventing that the healthcare system will be flooded with the huge number of patients that would need treatment if we would let the virus spread without taking these measures.

p1-0:55 Ossebaard asks how many people have died from COVID-19: “Hundred of thousands as in the days of cholera? Millions perhaps as with the Spanish Flu?”
Of course, at the beginning of an epidemic you will only see a fraction of the number of casualties that might eventually occur. She doesn’t seem to have a clue about how epidemics usually spread exponentially.

p1-1:13 Ossebaard claims: a death toll of 15.000 is not much for a pandemic.
Ossebaard mentions 15.000 as the global death toll on 23 March 2020, which she apparently considers a neglectable figure. A month later, however, the death toll has already risen to more than 160.000, despite lockdown measures in many countries.
We also have to keep in mind, that in this case the virus was identified quite early during the outbreak and a reliable PCR-test became available quickly which helped several countries to contain the spread of the virus. And then we have the issue of underreporting. Many elderly people have died untested, outside the hospital, with symptoms that likely point to COVID-19, but their deaths are generally not in the official COVID-19 mortality figures.

p1-1:25 Ossebaard claims: in 2018 80.000 people died of flu, in one winter, in the US alone.
While this is essentially true, it is a mistake to compare the figures without many caveats. The flu in 2018 was pretty bad, but it was spread over many months. The problem with COVID-19 is that it has a far higher death rate (about 10 times as high, but the figure is still somewhat uncertain), severe cases stay far longer in hospital and on the ICU, and it hits the society in a shorter period, thus putting far more stress on the healthcare system.

In the weekly mortality figures for the Netherlands we can already see that COVID-19 is a far bigger problem than the serious flu of 2018. (source: RIVM)

This was just the introduction, but we have already learned that Ossebaard will downplay the seriousness of the pandemic and sees COVID-19 as an ordinary flu. What Ossebaard thinks is really happening, is ridiculous beyond comprehension, but we’ll have a look anyway.

Ten Storylines

Ossebaard now presents ten different story lines that are all silly and even contradict each other on several aspects.

p1-1:45 Storyline 1 – Myth: COVID-19 is like the flu

p1-1:55 Ossebaard claims: COVID-19 is a flu virus.
She is simply wrong. The pandemic is caused by SARS-CoV-2, a coronavirus, which causes COVID-19. Although COVID-19 has some symptoms that you’ll also see with the flu, that doesn’t make it a flu.
If someone spends days making a documentary on the coronavirus crisis and doesn’t even get the most basic facts right, one should wonder what she means when she calls herself a researcher.

p1-2:13 Ossebaard claims: the chance you will die from it is very small.
This realy depends a lot on your age and general condition. While children seldomly die from it, upto 15 percent of the elderly (80+) do.

p1-2:32 Storyline 2 – Myth: SARS-CoV-2 was spread to humans by eating bat soup, or it was created in a laboratory

p1-2:35 Ossebaard claims that the coronavirus started in Wuhan and that patient zero caught the virus on an animal market.
The first patients who have been found to carry SARS-CoV-2 are from Wuhan, but it is still possible that earlier, unidentified cases, could have occured elsewhere. Also no link between the first known carrier of the virus with the animal market could be established. Ossebaard is just not up date.

p1-2:53 Ossebaard claims that the official story is that a human caught the virus after eating bat soup.
False. This has never been part of the official story. It’s quite likely that there was an intermediate host between infected bats and the first human to catch the virus, pangolins, civet cats and snakes have been named. The pictures of bat soup shown by Ossebaard are not from China, but from Palau, Micronesia.

p1-3:23 Ossebaard claims that suddenly we were starting to get images from people dying in the streets.
At the time these kinds of images were being shared on the internet, Wuhan was already seeing some lockdown measures, but people were still allowed in the streets. Most likely the people we see are lying down on the ground for other reasons than COVID-19, as there will be always incidents with people falling due to fainting, a heart attack or perhaps drunkenness. For the image below, also shown by Ossebaard, reporters of AFP tried to get information on the cause of death but couldn’t get the details.

A man lies dead in the streets of Wuhan, but cause of death couldn’t be established by reporters of AFP. A sudden death from COVID-19 seems unlikely.

For some reason Ossebaard now presents first storyline 3 as an intermezzo and comes back to storyline 2 later.

p1-4:00 Storyline 3 – Myth: 5G has something to do with mind control

p1-5:05 Ossebaard claims that Dutch deputy minister Mona Keijzer uses the term crowd control in the sense of controlling people against their will by 5G.
It is most likely that Keijzer hints to the possibilities 5G gives to get detailed localized information from cellphones. Such information, like the density of a crowd and direction in which it moves, can help for instance by sending targeted messages to people telling them to avoid certain overcrowded areas, so that the crowd is spread and unsafe situations can be avoided.

When Ossebaard hears ‘crowd control’ she immediately thinks about weaponery.

Without giving any consideration to what Keijzer actually meant by ‘crowd control’ in this context, Ossebaard assumes it must be something with sciencefiction-like weaponery. Although such devices exist (see Active Denial System), they wouldn’t work with 5G transmitters which lack the necessary, concentrated, power. Crowd control doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with controlling and correcting insubordinates.

p1-5:41 Ossebaard claims 5G was never properly tested on humans and animals.
Taken litteraly this might be correct, but this here absolutely no reason to assume that the effects of 5G will be different than those of the older standards like 2/3/4G, and WiFi, that all operate using frequences in the same part of the electromagnetic spectrum which don’t have enough energy to break chemical bonds (non-ionizing radiation). Only local heating can be expected and therefore we have established norms, which limit the total power of transmitters per area.

p1-5:50 Ossebaard claims that the few experiments done with these specific frequencies have made cows go hysterical, have made birds drop dead from the sky, and have made people feel ill with flu-like symptoms.
All these claims are wrong. The story on the cows is based on an anecdote from a farmer who couldn’t think of another explanation for the behaviour of his cows than perhaps 5G, while a quick investigation learns that there is no 5G experiment going on in the vicinity of his farm.

The birds falling from the sky in The Hague in 2018 caused some speculation of a relationship with 5G experiments, but investigations found out that the birds either ate poisonous berries or flew into the ground in panic. See also the article on Snopes for this matter.

There are quite some people who think they are sensitive to the electromagnetic fields from all kind of communication devices and even fall ill from exposure to those. As this sensitivity has never been shown to relate to actual exposure under blinded conditions, it is generally thought that this so called electromagnetic hypersensitivity is an example of the nocebo effect.

p1-6:21 Ossebaard aks whether the coronavirus could be used to wave off 5G complaints?
Even if if you give any credit to people who claim their complaints like headaches are caused by electromagnetic fields, this claim makes no sense. For Wuhan was not the first city in China to roll out 5G and no coronavirus was seen in other cities that already have had 5G for some time.

p1-6:40 Back to Storyline 2 – Myth: SARS-CoV-2 was created in a laboratory

In the first few minutes we are presented footage of people in Wuhan who are resisting being caried away. The context is missing, it’s unclear what we are looking at, but there are stories about forced quarantine.
p1-9:14 Ossebaard now takes the stories of Chinese whistleblower Miles Guo for granted, who sketches a far worse picture of the extent of the crisis in Wuhan than the Chinese government. But billionaire Miles Guo is far from a reliable source and is known for outlandish claims about China.

p1-10:23 Ossebaards claims that Harvard professor Charles Lieber is involved with something like ‘5G crowd control’.
Lieber was arrested in January this year for giving fraudulent statements to the FBI. Lieber was connected till 2012 to the Wuhan University for Technology. The city is the only link there is between Lieber and the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2. But Ossebaard simply makes up some claims about Lieber’s research into nanoscale materials and the possibility to use those to alleviate neurological and neurodegenerative diseases in the brain.

p1-12:27 Lieber’s research makes Ossebaard think of 5G crowd control.
This getting even more ridiculous as 5G cannot even penetrate the skin! It would be useless for communication with injected nanoelectronics deep in the brain, which couldn’t even fit antenna’s to receive the frequencies that are used for 5G.

From p1-12:33 onwards Ossebaard tells the totally unsourced story of the development of a bioweapon at the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory (Ossebaard mistakenly calls it ‘Wuhan National Biosecurity Laboratory’ ) to cause Parkinson’s disease in people as a means to deal with the mass protests in Hongkong.
Although we are told that this bioweapon was not used, we hear it was released at the animal market in Wuhan by accident, supposedly during an attempt to sell the bioweapon to the CIA by a corrupt scientist.
Is this horrid account true? asks Ossebaard (p1-16:19). Of course not, Snopes has traced this story back to a section of Reddit dedicated to scary fiction stories.
Somehow Ossebaard thinks it is a possibly true story because of the Chinese connections of Lieber, whose role in this fantasy story I must have missed…

High sulphure dioxide levels above Wuhan.

Almost at the end of Part 1 (p1-16:55) Ossebaard shows a map of Wuhan showing high SO2 emissions. that would indicate that lots of organic material was burned. We should think this is caused by the cremation of the vast number of deaths the Chinese government is being silent about. Snopes has debunked this claim, SO2-emissions are associated with the burning of coal, there is very little sulfur in the human body.
Anybody still thinking that Ossebaard is a researcher who just occassionaly makes small misstakes, or can we see a concensus growing that she is a pathological liar? Just asking the question, of course, I’m not suggesting anything here. 😎

The English version of COVID-19 Part 2 seems to have been removed from Ossebaard’s YouTube channel, but there are several copies on other people’s channels or other platforms.

p2-0:08 Storyline 4 – Myth: Bill Gates is behind all this

Ossebaard starts part 2 with another silly blunder:
p2-0:37 Ossebaard claims that all zoonosis use the ACE-2 receptor to enter human cells.
This is simply bullocks. SARS-CoV-1 also uses this receptor, but for instance MERS-CoV binds to the DPP4-receptor. At p2-0:50 we also see a very peculiar DNA-helix …

From p2-0:57 onwards Ossebaard tells nonsense again about the origin of SARS-CoV-2. We don’t know yet how exactly the virus developed from a virus in bats to the one we have problems with now, but somewhere there must have been a crossover from bats to another host. Ossebaards seems to think that the time for this to happen in a natural, spontaneous way was not there. It is impossible according to the experts she talked to, but they remain unnamed…
And no, the official story does not mention someone eating bat soup, the United Nations and WHO are NOT spreading this insane tale.

Article in Nature on the origine of the virus: no sign of it being made in a lab.

p2-3:03 Ossebaard claims, based upon what unnamed experts have told her, that the virus must have been tampered with.
We wonder who these ‘experts’ are and why they haven’t written a rebuttal to the well received article in Nature Medicine in which the authors claim that their “analyses clearly show that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus.”

From p2-3:21 onwards Ossebaard mentions the patent for a coronavirus that belongs to The Pirbright Institute. Although Ossebaard acknowledges that this patent concerns a different coronavirus, she still finds a lead here to add something tot her conspirational fantasies. She happens to know that Bill Gates has an interest in Pirbright!

And then follows a long enumeration of all the vaccination research done in institutes that Bill Gates sponsors. Ossebaard strongly suggests that Gates does this for future financial gain from selling those vaccines, while in fact this is just costing a lot of money (which he had already said goodbye to when he put it in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).

p2-5:45 Ossebaard claims that Ab Osterhaus earned money from selling the vaccines he had advised the Dutch government to buy.
In 2009 Osterhaus advised buying vaccines against the Mexican flu and the Dutch government bought 34 million vaccines. Later it became known that Osterhaus held a ten percent share in ViroClinics, a company that co-operated in the production of these vaccines. Although Osterhaus probably didn’t really make extra money because of this order, it was generally considered to be a faux pas that his financial ties to ViroClinics had not been shared transparently from the beginning.

Bill Gates has become the evil genius for people who believe in conspiracy theories about vaccines and the cornavirus crisis. (photo: TED)

p2-7:17 Ossebaard implicitly claims that Bill Gates is behind the creation of Sars-CoV-2.
Pure speculation, not a shred of evidence.

From p2-7:27 follows the conspiracy theory that the elite is executing a depopulation program. There are several documents (Agenda 21, Agenda 2030) that are outlining programs for countries to reach a more sustainable future and limiting population growth is one of the means. That does not mean however, that these are plans to reduce the current world population by genocide.
At p2-8:15 Gates is quoted from a TED-talk in which he speaks of lowering the population by 10-15 percent with better vaccines, where it is clear that he means that we can reach a future population that will not have grown as much as without vaccines:

First, we’ve got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent. But there, we see an increase of about 1.3. 

Bill Gates, TED2010, Innovating to zero!

Then Ossebaards mentions some simulations that were done to see how the world should react to new outbreaks of a virus like SARS-CoV-1. At p2-9:27 Ossebaard claims that Bill Gates and his friends must be extremely psychic, or that they know more than you and me.
Reasonable people probably will conclude that Gates was right to keep his eye on the ball since the SARS epidemic in 2003.

p2-9:40 Ossebaard claims that Gates gives lots of money to the WHO, which was set up by the Rockefellers in 1948.
The Rockefeller Fooundation has been heavily involved in public health programs since the beginning of the 20th century. When the WHO was founded in 1948 the foundation had a huge influence on the organisation which lasted for a couple of decades.There’s nothing secret about this. Also well known is that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the major contributors to the budget of the WHO at this moment. Why is this bad or suspicious according to Ossebaard? We’ll soon find out…

p2-10:27 Sideline… Myth: Bill Gates is a Rockefeller

Now follows a hillarious part in which Ossebaard is trying to prove that Bill Gates is in fact a member of the illustrious Rockefeller family which features in numerous conspiracy theories. Her proof for this relationhip is a family tree that connects Gates to Nelson Rockefeller. If correct that would mean that Gates and Nelson Rockefeller share a common ancestor, a man named Stephen Gifford.

The family tree that shows the flimsy relationship that makes Bill Gates a Rockefeller according to Ossebaard.

However, for Gates you have to climb up the tree for ten generations and for Rockefeller eight to reach this common ancestor. If Ossebaard considers this enough proof to state that Bill Gates “is born in a full cabal family” we must conclude that this cabal spans a much bigger part of society than the one percent as Ossebaard wants us to believe at the same time…

Why is this important to Ossebaard anyway? Well, she argues that it has always been Gates’s destiny to depopulate the population according to the plan laid out by Henry Kissinger using vaccines filled with mercury. And we should know that all vaccines are produced by companies that are financed by the Gates/Rockefellers. We have to give it to her, that she has a lively fantasy…

This part is ending with some humoristic coronavirus memes and then shows this fake quote from Henry Kissinger:

There is no Council on Eugenics at the WHO, the quote is entirely made-up.

p3-0:16 Storyline 6 – Myth: SARS-CoV-2 was designed to prevent mass demonstrations

p3-1:32 Ossebaard claims that the social distancing measures and the prohibition of events are a great solution for governments who struggle with protests from yellow vests, angry farmers and other insubordinates.
Sigh. Most countries who have taken lockdown measures didn’t have problems with mass protests, like the yellow vests movement in France. The occasional demonstration is no real worry for a government.

A specially designed yellow vest, that would safe some protesters to change clothes 😁

p3-1:47 Storyline 7 – Myth: SARS-CoV-2 was designed by the Cabal to prevent Trump getting reelected

p3-2:28 Ossebaard claims that the economical crash due to the lockdowns is an advantage tot the Cabal as they can blame Trump for this misery. Anything to prevent him from being reelected.
If there was such a thing as the Cabal, which had the power to organize all this, they would surely have thought of a
n easier way to stop Trump, don’t you think?

p3-2:55 Storyline 8

p3-3:10 Ossebaards believes the whole coronavirus story was created by the Cabal, like in storyline 7, to sideline Trump and restore their New World Order, but it is in fact a blessing in disguise.
This is followed first (p3-3:28) by a false quote of David Rockefeller on this New World Order and lots of speculation about a possible financial reset and an end to the power of the Cabal due to the actions of the ‘White Hats’. Ossebaard suggests that the Cabal miscalculated and that their grand scheme has backfired.

At p3-5:22 another fine example of Ossebaard’s many silly mistakes. The Deutsche Bank (here to the left) is not the national bank of Germany, that is the Deutsche Bundesbank.
(photo: pixabay)

p3-6:08 Storyline 9 -Myth: Under the guise of COVID-19 world leaders and celebrities are being arrested because they are child molesters

This storyline starts with some speculation about the real goal of exercise DEFENDER Europe 20. Somehow Ossebaard missed that it had already been cancelled for a great part, two weeks before she published her video.

From p3-6:45 onwards Ossebaard mentions that many world leaders have contracted COVID-19 or have gone into quarantine because of a possible contamination. Also Hollywood stars like Tom Hanks and Orlando Bloom.
p3-7:50 Now according to Ossebaard Hollywood is a “one of the worst pedophile dens in the world where child actors are molested on a daily basis” and “where satanic child sacrifices are commonplace”.
She suggests that “the suspects of pizzagate” have not in fact gone into quarantine due to the coronavirus, but have been put under house arrest or have been arrested. This could then be an indication that the long awaited – by the QAnons – mass arrests have started. Unfortunately Ossebaard doesn’t explain how we should look at the fact that most of these peope have come out of their self-isolation just a few weeks later…

But maybe she is just a bit too eager to tell us (p3-8:47) about Italian Roman Catholic priests of whom “all of a sudden 60 have died of COVID-19”. Ossebaards suggests that these are child sex offenders who got a ‘fast trial and death penalty’ in the words of Trump. In the real world the number of priests dying of COVID-19 isn’t seen as something suspicious.

p3-9:00 Storyline 10 – Myth: adrenochrome is a super anti-aging drug used by the elite that is intentionally infected by the White House

p3-9:02 Ossebaard mentions that adrenochrome is produced in Wuhan. She presents it as super drug for the Cabal, a life elixer. In the sick minds of the QAnons it is usually harvested from the glands of scared children. But this is a subject that is dealt with in more detail in Ossebaard’s Fall Cabal series, so we’ll get to that another time.

Adrenochrome plays a role in bizarre conspiracy theories.

p3-9:28 Ossebaard asks whether this adrenochrome could haven been intentionally infected by the White House,
Ossebaard suggests that the deaths that allegedly have occured amongst the members of the Cabal that have been ascribed to COVID-19, might in fact be because of this targeted poisoning campaign by the White House along the lines of storyline 9. This is based on so many implausible hypotheses and there is not a single claim that can be checked as Ossebaard fails to give any supporting evidence.

From p3-10:00 onwards Ossebaard talks about the predictions that were living among the QAnons.
Mass arests among the elite, financial reset, the ‘Ten Days of Darkness’ mentioned by Q; nothing to worry about for normal civilians because (p3-11:00) Operation DEFENDER Europe 20 is meant to protect people from the corrupt governments that will try with all means to stay in power. Unfortunatly the soldiers never came …

p3-11:43 According to Ossebaard this exciting fase will probably end on Good Friday, 10 April 2020.
I don’t think we did see any signs of “a biblical awakening”, a “liberation of the people”, “a transition to new Earth” or “a new Jersulam on Earth” on 10 April, but maybe that’s just me…

COVID-19 Part

Part 4 of the series was published on 13 April, so after Good Friday. We could expect some reflection on the events that were supposed to have happened on, or before Good Friday. But in fact it is a translation of the Dutch original that was published on 7 April, so bad luck to us all.
The first few minutes are a summary of the previous parts of the series.

p4-2:37 Ossebaard claims that although the WHO calls the current situation a warzone, according to the people on the ground it is not that bad.
Now Ossebaard shares some clips of medical doctors who warn against the effects of the lockdowns and who nuance the effect of COVID-19 on the population.

John Ioannidis

First (p4-2:40) we get John Ioannidis, a well respected epidemiologist. Although his remarks make some sense, prelonged lockdown will have serious health effects as well, he does not tell us what to do when ICUs get overwhelmed when we loosen lockdown measures to soon. Bu I will not go into too much detail here, you can find a good assessment of his opinion in this article by Hilda Bastian.

Then (p4-5:30) it is on to Sucharit Bhakdi. He published a number of videos on YouTube and wrote an open letter to chancellor Angela Merkel in which he also warned that the effects of the lockdown could be worse than letting the virus go its way, and that many deaths are now wrongfully ascribed to COVID-19 while the patients had lots of other health issues.
His arguments have been heavily critised, for instance by BR-Faktenfuchs. The main problem with Bhakdi is that he is underestimating the number of deaths that would occur. In his worst case scenario he counts 3.000 deaths, while the death toll in Germany stands over 4.500 already.

And from p4-7:05 on we hear from Claus Köhnlein. His statements have been debunked by Austrian website MIMIKAMA. Köhnlein is also a hiv/aids denialist and antivaxxer, not someone to talk to if you need an expert.

The last ‘person on the ground’ Ossebaard shows us is Wolfgang Wodarg (p4-8:18). Wodarg also questions the PCR-test that was developed by virologist Christian Drosten and thinks that many COVID-19 deaths actually concern people who died with the virus instead of due to the virus. His position comes down to suggesting that if we wouldn’t test for the virus the extra deaths would not pop out above the noise in the mortality figures. His statements have been harshly debunked in the German media, for instance by Der Spiegel.

These are not ‘people on the ground’, they are not like the intensivists and nurses who have to work double shifts to cope with the huge numbers that flood the hospital systems in Italy, Spain, New York, Iran and other places.

p4-10:50 Ossebaard claims that Sweden and Japan who have installed far less strict lockdown measures fare as well as countries that did.
It is difficult to compare countries directly. Sweden has a far lower population density and takes a lot of risk according to most experts. Japan has been testing far more from the beginning. And if you look at the more recent figures, also in these countries the death toll is rising rapidly.

p4-11:15 Ossebaard claims that in The Netherlands the mainstream media are reporting that the ICUs can’t handle the tsunami of patients.
This a lie. A lot has been written on the possibility that ICUs might run out of their capacity, but there has been a massive effort to double ICU beds and the hospitals succeeded in achieving that. The maximum capacity has never been reached.
She also claims (p4-11:25) that crematoria cannot deal with overflow of bodies. There have been difficulties locally, but most crematoria have managed by extending their operating hours.

p4-11:55 Ossebaard claims to have called hospitals that were not more busy than normal.
The hospitals managed, but some hospitals only could by taking extreme measures and scaling down normal procedures. Ossebaard wants the viewer to believe that the corona crisis is mainly a hype caused by the mainstream media.

p4-13:10 Ossebaard claims that the only truly affected province is North Brabant.
False, provinces like South and North Holland, and Limburg are lagging not far behind. North Brabant just happened to be the first province that was hit, and was the first province where measures were taken.

p4-14:40 Ossebaard claims that the number of positive tested cases means nothing due to poor tests.
Actually the number is artifially low because in the Netherlands not many tests were done. The number of infected people must be far higher than the number of positive test. Research done under blood donors suggests that at that time around three percent of the population had antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, which would mean about half a million people have gone through an infection.

p4-15:20 Ossebaard claims that the number of people who have tested positive is too high because it also contains the asymptomatic patients.
She absolutely doesn’t have a clue what she is talking about. Most of the time the protocols for testing didn’t allow people to be tested without symptoms. So asymptomatic carriers of SARS-CoV-2 are not in the statistics, almost by definition.

p4-17:05 Ossebaard is comparing numbers per year to the COVID-19 deaths which have occured in just one month, as the first COVID-19 death was recorded on 6 March, and the data in her video are based on figures from 3 April. The present figure of (registered) COVID-19 deaths (19 April) already surpassed the average number of deaths per year due to pneumonia which Ossebaard gives (3684 vs. 3225).

Manual extraction of the coronavirus as part of a testing procedure (photo: State Public Health Laboratory in Exton | Flickr)

p4-17:57 Ossebaard claims that the test cannot discern between SARS-CoV-2 and other infections.
Here she clearly misreads the text. “This test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens.” doesn’t mean that other pathogens can lead to a (false) positive result. The test cannot rule out other pathogens because it does not test for those. So if the test is negative for Sars-CoV-2 you could still have another pathogen in your body and be sick from that.
This blunder is the sole basis for her following claims that the official numbers are based on fraud…

p4-21:10 Ossebaard is comparing people calling a phone number for alerting the authorities about (groups of) people who do not adhere to the rules regarding social distancing, because they are afraid to confront them themselves, to the people who during WWII betrayed Jews to the nazi’s. This is just vile.

p4-23:16 Ossebaard states that she decided to make this sequel because she was angry about the lies we are bombarded with. The irony…

From p4-23:40 onwards we get lots of videos shot by QAnons that allegedly show that the hospitals that are supposed to be extremely busy with taking care of COVID-19 patients are actually almost empty. And we see empty tents that are set up for testing. You can read here about this misinformation campaign that uses the hashtag #FilmYourHospital.
As described before, many hospitals had to scale down their normal procedures to be ready for a large influx of COVID-19 patients. It is not strange at all that on the days before this influx really starts to grow, a hospital looks more empty than usual, also because of the social distancing measures.

p4-29:05 Ossebaard suggests that showing video of an ICU nurse, who is probably training on a dummy, is a sign that you can’t trust the mainstream media.
The question we should ask here is whether the media present this sort of footage as events that are actually taking place or that they have used footage that was shot on another occasion because at this moment they most likely have no access to ICUs because they are too busy for having a television crew running around.

Starting at p4-29:40 Ossebaard shows a video of weird incident where men in protective suits apparently have shown up to pick up a deceased person, who happens to have been taking away a little while before, alive and well. Ossebaard now just aks what was going on, while any self respecting researcher would try to find out, don’t you think?

p4-32:18 Ossebaard claims that you can get a large fine when you advise the use of vitamin C against the coronavirus.
That’s just the law: it is prohibited to make unsubstantiated health claims about supplements and vitamins you are selling. That’s a actually a good thing!

p4-32:45 Ossebaard claims that traitors will be rewarded like in WWII.
She suggests that people who inform the authorities about people or companies that violate the measures that have been set in place to contain the spread of the virus will be rewarded. She’s just making up this filthy lie.

Now Ossebaard gives an extremely misleading description of the situation in The Netherlands, almost as if she is living in a totally different country as I do. She claims for instance (p4-34:05) that the police are using drones with facial recognization software, which is another lie.

p4-35:42 Ossebaard claims that the WHO can impose mandatory vaccinations.
Where is her evidence for this claim?

p4-37:03 Ossebaard claims that Bill Gates wants us chipped after vaccination.
Gates thinks it might be useful to be able to hand out certificates to people who have become immune to SARS-CoV-2 after recovering from an infection, or when they have had a vaccination. In this digital age we are of course thinking of certificates in a digital form that you can carry with you on a smartphone, or for instance e-mail to employers before accepting a job, or send to an airliner before boarding a plane. But conspiracy nut Ossebaard thinks this must be in the form of a chip that will be injected.

p4-38:10 According to Ossebaard there is something really sinistre hidden in HC Bill 122 Coronavirus Act 2020 that threatens basic human rights.
Ossebaard hasn’t even noticed that the bill had already passed both Houses and became law on 25 March, she still thinks it is to be discussed. To be honest, at the moment, I lack the motivation to find out what is looming over the heads of British citizens. Maybe that’s because of Brexit, I don’t know…

According to Ossebaard, engineers are rolling out 5G in the Netherlands, while no telecom provider has been able to obtain a frequency for 5G, yet… (photo: Fabian Horst | Wikimedia Commons)

p4-40:15 Ossebaard claims that 5G is being pushed through in the Netherlands at the moment.
False. The frequencies for 5G haven’t even been auctioned yet. Telecom companies had the opportunity to write in for the first auction until 6 April 2020, just two weeks ago. The actual auction will be before 30 june 2020. No Telecom provider is rolling out 5G in The Netherlands at this moment.

Just before the end of Part 4 Ossebaard points to her other video series, Fall Cabal, of which I have already published a debunk of Part 1 on this site, soon to be followed by debunks for the other parts.
The final claim by Ossebaard (p4-45:31) is that reports are coming in of children being rescued from tunnels in California and New York, and then we have reached the darkest fantasies of the QAnon lunatics. Ossebaard is hinting that her new documentary will be about this topic. Oh, boy, more madness to come.

Interview by Pointer

Dutch journalist platform Pointer tried to interview Ossebaard about her video series on COVID-19. It turned out to be a remarkable interview. I’ve suggested the journalists to provide English subtitles, for now you have to do with this short fragment:

Fragment of interview: Ossebaard quits when asked about her sources.

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35 thoughts to “Debunking Janet Ossebaard’s COVID-19 video series”

  1. I recently went to a hospital to get two tests. While there I asked one nurse how many patients they had who had Covid 19 (this name is used by all the ‘news’, and she said, None. This hospital is a huge complex and they required all people to wear masks, which I did. I noticed three employees with masks below their chins. The second nurse I asked, How many people have you seen who have died from Covid 19 alone? She said, No one, they all had other underlying problems. As I walked the seemingly miles of empty corridors, a third nurse who had heard me ask the second nurse that question, volunteered she had been in surgery and suited in a hazmat and had to wear a mask and a face hood, which caused her breath to go down to her chest. She said she had the most awful white rash afterward and it finally cleared up but it took a long time. She thinks wearing masks is harmful to people. This has nothing to do with the above but I found it interesting. I walked down the long, lonely halls to the second room to be hooked up to a monitor to take home and the nurse hooked me up and told me to lie still for a while. I did and then she unhooked me and said, You are free to go. I asked, But what about the monitor I’m supposed to wear home? She said, Let me check. She returned and said, I will erase your EKG and hook you up for the monitor. I’m just glad I wasn’t in surgery!

  2. I believe the difference between contrails and chemtrails can be proved in a short time just by watching them. A genuine contrail will disappear within one minute or less but a chemtrail will stay in view and spread out. No new names for chemtrails, such as ‘persistent contrails’ (gov. disinfo’s), will change what it really is.

    1. So do you think that clouds that remain in the sky for longer than a couple of minutes are suspicious as well?

    2. the rate and manner of dissipation of a contrail depends upon the humidity and the wind in the area the contrail was released in. watching them does not “prove” anything whatsoever.

      do some research on meteorology- specifically on how clouds are formed.

  3. Top werk Pepijn! Ik heb de link naar deze pagina onder alle YouTube and BitChute videos gezet 🙂

  4. ” There are quite some people who think they are sensitive to the electromagnetic fields from all kind of communication devices and even fall ill from exposure to those. As this sensitivity has never been shown to relate to actual exposure under blinded conditions, it is generally thought that this so called electromagnetic hypersensitivity is an example of the nocebo effect. ”

    What you think of the Ressonance documentary?

    1. If you think that YouTube video contains something relevant to the specific point I made, say it in your own words and give a timestamp. I’m not gonna watch a 1.5 hour video guessing what you see in it.

      1. As the other people have said, you really do have a problem with Janet Ossebaard don’t you? Just one/two little items – you said ‘the birds all died because ‘they all ate poisoned berries’ lol or ‘flew into the ground’ lol seriously mate, what planet are you from, and those are just two little comments you made without me going through the rest. Believe me I really could too.

        1. Those possible causes of death of the birds were given by the experts from the Natural History Museum Rotterdam and the Wageningen Bioveterinary Research Laboratorium. So you have a better explanation?

      2. you must be a paid dis info agent. cointel pro or tavistock etc……..your not fooling anyone with this fairytale debunk.

        1. I think you realise that intelligence organisations only hire the best people, so I’ll take your comment as a compliment

  5. You, my friend, is crazy asf to have sat here trying to plug all her claims for us to believe, that YOU make sense. You are just as one of the many people who call truths conspiracies and nothing what she claimed is true. Well, maybe some dumbasses may fall and believe your article, but I suggest you to do some more research before you spend hours or days on this debunked article. Bill Gates is bad news, and if you don’t believe it, go get in line to be vaccined. And make sure you spend days explaining to us what it did for you.

    1. I guess it is too much asked from you to give some actual arguments that counter the debunks?

      1. dont see you providing any evidence in your debunking ? it seems you have a big issue with this lady , seems to me your a shill and must get paid well to spend this amount of time debunking ,when you show absoulutley no proof yourself to the claims you are making , i suggest you do more research yourself before you can expect anyone to go along with your narrative ,

        1. Maybe you could give a specific example of a debunk where I didn’t provide evidence. Then we can see whether I did forget something or whether it has more do with poor eyesight …

  6. Thank you for writing this long and detailed article about the crazy things that woman says.

  7. “p4-17:57 Ossebaard claims that the test cannot discern between SARS-CoV-2 and other infections.
    Here she clearly misreads the text. “This test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens.” doesn’t mean that other pathogens can lead to a (false) positive result. The test cannot rule out other pathogens because it does not test for those. So if the test is negative for Sars-CoV-2 you could still have another pathogen in your body and be sick from that.
    This blunder is the sole basis for her following claims that the official numbers are based on fraud”

    I agree in many points, but there are some that are not enough to declare the Ossebaard’s statements debuked. For example the one above, why would a test made specificcally made for a disease declare that cannot rule out another pathogens, there is no goal in to point something obvious. Also, that does not denies the great chance of false positives or negatives that tests made on a rush can give. I think that the test are not relyable therefore also the numbers for any case that you want to stand for. You can see an opinon about test specificity and sensibility here.

    Thanks for the hard work!

    1. I don’t think it is that strange that even such obvious limitations of a test are listed, better be safe than sorry.

      The tests will also give false positives and false negatives, but that is not what Ossebaard is talking about. She thinks that the tests are useless because they can’t measure what they are designed for in principle, as she wrongfully concludes that other infections will also (not by chance) give positive results.

      1. This Janet Ossebaard is a nutter, up there with the David Icke’s of this works!!!

      2. Is there any indication on the false-positive-chance of the currently used Corona tests?

        1. The false-positive rate really depends on how the test is set up. In the ideal case, you would use three primers and then false positives are very unlikely and not a real issue even if the prevalence is low. You can get an indication looking at the test figures of New Zealand. For instance, on September 20th they reported 5417 tests done, and only 4 new, positive cases. In total, they’ve performed well over 900 thousand tests and so far they had 1815 cases of covid-19. So the false-positive rate must lie well below 0.2%. Recent figures from China’s testing seem even more impressive, but I don’t know how reliable those are.

    2. Totally agree i dont think this is a strong argument to debunk janets documentry… Entirely, just feel her documentary is intresting but always take any view with a pinch of salt.. and i think its good to do, ITS HUMAN NATURE to have different opinions so i will keep researching and apreciate anyones perspective instead of taking the mick, take the positives out of it to make your own decision about life

  8. You are suffering from a serious case of cognitive dissonance. You are either a shill or just too much of a coward to face reality. Explain this…

    [Delete a zillion links to dubious YouTube videos and articles that are droppen without clean argumentation | PvE]

    Why has the virus not been scientifically proven to exist?

    1. I’ve delete 99% of your comment because it was just ordinary link dumping without much argumentation. I left your last claim. My question to you would be what you would accept as scientific evidence for the existence of SARS-CoV-2?

      1. I see you didn’t get an answer to your question below. See mine below your question. Blessings.
        “My question to you would be what you would accept as scientific evidence for the existence of SARS-CoV-2?”
        Koch’s Postulates
        “Four criteria that were established by Robert Koch to identify the causative agent of a particular disease, these include:
        1. the microorganism or other pathogen must be present in all cases of the disease
        2. the pathogen can be isolated from the diseased host and grown in pure culture
        3. the pathogen from the pure culture must cause the disease when inoculated into a healthy, susceptible laboratory animal
        4. the pathogen must be reisolated from the new host and shown to be the same as the originally inoculated pathogen”

        Has this been done? Please provide a link to the peer-reviewed scientific publication.

        Thank you.

  9. I am very grateful for this fine article. Friends of mine, (I pondered if I want them to be friends anymore, being so susceptible to fear for sure is not love, sorry about that, take a retreat…), advised to watch the documentary. Usually a true story always gives me a good feeling. Janet Ossebaard’s story made me feel sick before I had any thoughts. I smelled an amateur with a degree, getting high on attention because I felt she is lacking it her whole life. Classic parent issues that we all can recognize. Pure hubris, a well known phenomenon in scientific circles. Nothing wrong with that, it fuels the creative process. But Janet Ossebaard clearly got off to where no one has gone before.

    Janet Ossebaard had a life- changing experience and states she said goodbye to the (worldwide) scientific community; she claims to be in contact with aliens pointing a laser gun in the sky and gets a kick when something is flashing back at her. Getting attention from somebody above her. Well I say, good for her. Stay to be like that Janet, I would like to say. Just a happy person. In touch with the greater plan I thought when I first it when it was broadcasted. It is depicted in a very respectful manner by the Dutch public broadcasting service, the NPO. Just google it.. The link, living in Holland, will probably not function beyond our fiscal border. Anyway; here it is;

    I am so sorry about all people that will loose a lot in the very near future, if not already so. I am not sorry about loosing a lot of illusions as habitants of this Mother planet. She, this very earth that is our ‘spaceship’, shows us humans how to be humble again with the humblest she has to offer, yet another virus. Maybe yet another jump in human evolution. This one may be about being truthful.

    Yours sincerely and with love. All is one.

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