Debunking Fall Cabal by Janet Ossebaard – Part 4

This post deals with part 4 of the ten part video series Janet Ossebaard published on YouTube and went viral in the first few months of this year. The series, that propagates the far right QAnon conspiracy theory, is called Fall Cabal. I will not provide links to the videos, but you will have no trouble finding them, although some parts tend to be getting removed by YouTube.

Debunks of other parts:
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Ossebaard’s more recent video series on COVID-19 is debunked here.

Written in collaboration with Peter Zegers.

Childlovers Everywhere

Once again Ossebaard reduces the very complex situation in Haiti into a battle between good (Trump) and evil (Clinton). Although she claims that the mainstream media is covering up the bad actions, there is quite some critical reporting about the Clintons. For instance this article from the BBC, where it mentions the criticism of a local actvist: “Marleine Bastien, executive director of Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami, believes that Clinton-backed projects have helped global investors more than they have benefited poverty-stricken Haitians.”

(photo: Logan Abassi | Wikimedia Commons)

And also this article from the Guardian is very critical of the involvement of the Clinton in Haitian politics. Jacob Kushner wrote: “By January 2019, nine years after the earthquake, USAid had spent $2.3bn in Haiti. Most of it was given to American companies and hardly any passed through Haitian hands. […] Most likely, according to the research, the majority of what USAid allegedly spent on Haiti’s recovery ended right back in the US.”

And here’s another critical report about the involvement of the Clintons from the Miami Herald, it states: “a decade after the commission’s formation in the wake of the disaster and its eventual dissolution under Haitian President Michel Martelly, Haiti is no better off, its multibillion-dollar recovery effort a dismal failure, according to critics. They say blame lies with the Haitian government, which missed an opportunity, foreign donors who didn’t make good on their billion dollar pledges — and Clinton.”
The last quote also indicates that there’s never just one culprit in a humanitarian disaster, it is always a combination of many actors. But Ossebaard has a very limited understanding of politics, economics, diplomacy, or any other human behavior. For her it boils down to good or bad intentions, so either a person is completely good (Q, Trump) or else completely evil (Clinton, Cabal). This manichean worldview doesn’t leave much room for nuance. In fact, you don’t need to explain very much because good people are … good and bad people are … evil. This cartoonlike worldview permeates every part of her 10 part series.

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton during the campaign for the 2016 US elections (photo: Michael Vadon & Gage Skidmore | Wikimedia Commons)

Ossebaard is therefore not really interested in the real situation of the Haitian people, she merely takes some elements of a smear campaign from the Trump team in order to vilify the Clintons. Which is of course not very hard to do. But she takes it one level up by accusing mainly Hillary Clinton of being responsible for child trafficking and child sacrifice. For some unexplained reason Ossebaard jumps from child trafficking to sexual abuse and even human sacrifice as if all three are interchangeable.

And indeed there have been some real life cases like the New Life Children Refuge. The case was reported by the BBC and NPR and many other media. But what is the involvement of Hillary Clinton in this affair? Here again Ossebaard uses a chain of associations.
Laura Gayler-Silsby, one of the defendants in the NLCR case, started working for for AlertSense in 2011, after the incidents in Haiti. Ossebaard claims that AlertSense provides the software for Ambert Alert. “Isn’t that an interesting paradox?” Ossebaard asks (1:00). She is suggesting here that Amber Alert instead of being an instrument to locate missing children is on the contrary a tool in the hands of child traffickers. A classic right wing paranoid idea.

Ossebaard states (01:30) without giving any evidence: “She [Laura Silsby] is a close friend of the Clintons” and furthermore claims that the Clintons paid the attorney in the case against Laura Silsby. This would then be Jorge Puello, who has been charged by sex trafficking in El Salvador. But Puello never was Silsby’s lawyer, though he contacted the families of some members of her group and offered to be their legal representative in Haiti.
The only ‘evidence’ that links Silsby to Hillary Clinton seems to be some emails that were published by Wikileaks. But you will not find anything particular suspicious in those. These are the sort of messages you expect to be send to a Secretary of State who needs to be informed of US citizens causing an international scandal.

The Times broke the story in February 2018

From 2:00 onwards Ossebaard talks about another scandal in Haiti. Oxfam employees, including the country director, had used young prostitutes while based in Haiti after the earthquake. While Ossebaard presents it as a fact that also under-aged prostitutes were involved this has not been proven in the investigation that followed. At the time Oxfam, received emails with allegations of physical abuse, from a 12-year-old and a 13-year-old girl. They were “suspected” not to be genuine, but the Charity Commission that investigated the case said Oxfam should have tried harder to substantiate the claims, despite the lack of evidence.

Ossebaard brings as a fact (2:25) that Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding was paid for by the Clinton Foundation.This unfounded rumour was brought up during the 2016 US presidential elections, again started with a leaked email published by Wikileaks. If Ossebaard is so concerned about misuse of charity money, why doesn’t she mention that her hero Donald Trump has been found guilty of such an offense?

At 2:54 Ossebaard claims that the American Red Cross only build six houses with the half a billion dollars they collected for helping the Haitians. Although they indeed build just a few permanent homes, the truth is more complicated. Building these houses in a pilot project, the organisation learned that this was not the best response to deal with the need for safe housing and started to work on alternatives that offered many more people the opportunity to move into safe and improved housing.

Suspicious deaths – Clinton Body Count

Next Ossebaaard introduces some people who died under suspicious circumstances just before they were to give testimony of illicit behaviour by the Clinton Foundation:

Again Ossebaard rehashes fake news
  • Klaus Eberwein, committed suicide in 2017, allegedly days before he was scheduled to testify against either Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation (3:10). There is no evidence for this, the only link between Eberwein and the Cintons seems to be an article of notorious fake news website (now NewsPunch), which we have seen to be the ultimate source of more of Ossebaard’s claims.
  • Monica Petersen, an assistant director at the Human Trafficking Center, committed suicide on Haiti in 2016 (3:25). Her death has been attributed by pro-Trump conspiracy theorists to the Clintons, arguing that she became too critical of the Clinton Foundation. But according to the organisation she was working for on Haiti, she had not been doing research on human trafficking and was not investigating the Clinton Foundation.
  • Surgeon Dean Lorich, also commited suicide, in 2017 (3:44). He had volunteered as a trauma surgeon on Haiti immediately after the earthquack in 2010. After returing to the US, he co-authored an opinion piece on CNN, in which the logistical relief operations were critised. – again this horrible webite – published a fake news article in which this criticism was turned into an alleged exposure of Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice on the island.
    There is no evidence of foul play in Lorich’s death.

These deaths fit in seemlesly with the decades old Clinton Body Count conspiracy theory. Since the mid 90’s dozens of people, either advisaries or former alleys of the Clintons allegedly have died under mysterious circumstances. Seth Rich, who we encountered in Part 1, is also on ‘the list’.

Symbolism, numerology and subliminal messaging

When you can’t really proof anything, a conspiracist resorts to symbolism or numerology (or both). One can ‘prove’ anything by making superficial similarities into a profound connection. Triangles and pyramids everywhere, yes sure. Just like circles, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons and so on. Is every use of triangle or pyramids related to a masonic (illuminati) conspiracy? Of course not. Just like any combination of numbers (666) doesn’t proof anything. If there is a global conspiracy why would they want to expose themselves by using these symbols or signs? This question is never adressed by Ossebaard.

“Boy lover” – “Girl lover” – “Little boy lover” – “Child lover”

Ossebaard discusses (4:20) a 2007 FBI report (never authenticated) on symbols used by pedophiles that was published by Wikileaks. Whether these symbols are (or were) widely actually used by pedophiles is entirely unclear, as the report just gives a couple of examples. The symbols are actually quite general in nature, so it is not surprising to find them everywhere. But according to Ossebaard it is highly suspicious to find similar imagery with organisations that aim to protect children. She claims (4:45) that these organisations used the images openly as they just never expected to be caught this way.

Rejected logo

As an example she mentions (5:28) the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA). It changed their logo in 2017, allegedly because a pedophile symbol was discovered in the capital ‘A’ (the ‘BoyLover triangle’, but in green). The way Ossebaard presents this case, is kinda weird. She suggests that the old logo featured the spiral triangle, while actually it was part of the proposed new logo. The PCTA, not an organisation involved with children, withdrew that new design immediatly when they got emails pointing out the similarity with the alleged pedophile symbols. So this is just showing that symbols, that once were innocent, can become tainted if they are (allegedly) used for devious means; the swastika is perhaps the strongest example.

Ossebaard tells (5:35) that she doesn’t claim that all the organisations she showed pictures of, are ‘pedophile dens’, that it could still be just a coincidence. But that’s just the usual lame trick of conspiracy theorists. In an interview with a Dutch journalist from platform Pointer, she explicitly denied that she suggested anything in any of her documentaries, she is “just asking questions”.

Fragment of interview: Ossebaard quits when asked about her sources.
Justin Trudeau in 2017 (photo: Women Deliver | Wikimedia Commons)

Justin Trudeau

For some unexplained reason we get a few minutes about Canadian politician Justin Trudeau. He knows Frank Giustra, therefore he’s a pedophile ? The only explanation Ossebaard gives is a enigmatic message from Q: “How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?” But again, why doesn’t Ossebaard apply this dictum to her hero Trump ?

First (5:58) we are introduced to Elpida, a refugee organisation (operating in Greece) founded by the Radcliffe foundation started by Canadian businessman Frank Giustra. Elpida (ΕΛΠΙΔΑ) uses the blue spiral triangle, which in Greece will be most likely be associated with the character Δ (delta). Giustra is also a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation and visited Haiti with Bill Clinton. And to make matters worse from Ossebaard’s viewpoint, he founded the Boys Club Network with Jim Crescenzo, a teacher who received an excellence reward out of the hands of … Justin Trudeau!. Wow! This really looks … well, kinda innocuous.

Next ‘interesting friend’ of  Trudeau is Christopher Ingvaldson (7:05). They were colleagues and became friends while teaching at the same private school. Trudeau left that job in 2001 and cut contact with Ingvaldson when he was charged in 2010  with the possession of child pornography.

And then it is on to Peter Dalglish, who is called Trudeau’s best friend by Ossebaard for which she might have no better reason than the photo of them together, which looks like it might have been taken at the United Nations (for some reason Ossebaard uses a horizontally flipped version).

At 8:45 we see Ben Levin, convicted for the possession of child pornography (Ossebaard claims he made pornography as well, while in fact he pleeded guilty of writing pornographic stories about children). He was deputy minister in different provinces, so it is not that strange that he was in contact with Trudeau.

Last of the ‘interesting friends’ of Trudeau is Radio host Jian Gomeshi (8:55), who was charged with several accounts of sexual assault, but not found guilty during trial, for lack of convincing evidence. His relation with Trudeau? We only get to see a couple of pictures of them together.

According to Ossebaard Trudeau should have been more careful selecting his friends (9:10). In fact, only Ingvaldson can be considered a friend, and Trudeau distantiated himself from the man when he was charged. Ossebaard however tells us that Trudeau “is surrounded by registered pedophiles and sex offenders.”

In between (8:30) Ossebaard mentions ‘Congresswoman’ Nancy Schaefer (she was actually a state senator in Georgia) who wrote a critical report on the Child Protective Services in 2007. In 2010 she was found dead together with her husband. Murder-suicide according to the police, but of course Ossebaard is suggesting that her death was related to writing the report.

(photo: raindog808 | Flickr)

Hollywood, Disney & Pedophilia

Ossebaard is not very clear about the reason why television programmes and movies for children have a lot of hidden messages in them. She’s tapping into the pseudo-scientific conspiracy theory about subliminal messages and mind control. Some people don’t seem to get enough of this and even start a group on Facebook. The Internet is awash with allegations of Walt Disney working with the CIA on projects like MK-Ultra.

Ossebaard returns to the ‘pedophile symbols’ (9:24) and finds them in several movies. Apparently QAnons have been sharing their finds on 8chan as significant discoveries. An example is the ‘BoyLover’ symbol that can be found in the Greek section of an It’s a Small World attraction in several Disney Parks. Ossebaard shows this one as well in her video.

QAnons see the ‘BoyLover’ symbol in the tympanum of the Greek temples in the It’s a Small World attraction in Disney Parks.

She also show some of the images we already discussed in the debunk of Part 1, including the scene from 101 Dalmatians with the added swastika.

On the left the photoshopped version , on the right an original screenshot from the same scene.

Without a shred of evidence (once again, there’s a pattern here) Ossebaard claims that Walt Disney was a freemason (10:07) And Disney was indeed a member of DeMolay international, a para-masonic youth organisation, but he never belonged to a masonic lodge as an adult. Maybe she also refers to Club 33, an exclusive club at Disney Parks.

Walt Disney (2nd from the right) at the DeMolay conference in Kansas in 1936 where 100 candidates received a Legion of Honor. In the middle, DeMolay founder “Dad” Frank S. Land. In October 1931 Disney himself had received this highest honor in DeMolay and this might well be the base for the myth that Disney was a 33rd degree Mason. (sources: Walt Disney’s Missouri: The Roots of a Genius, DeMolay International)
Ossebaard claims that almost all crop circles are made by peaceful extraterrestrials. But what about this one? Should we conclude that they are on the same side as the cabal? 😉 (Highclere, Hampshire, 2002 | Temporary Temples)

But even if Disney would have been a full-fledged, died-in-the-wool freemason, this doesn’t proof anything unless you believe in a masonic conspiracy. The fact that Ossebaard mentions the Illuminati reveals that this is the case with Ossebaard.
Ossebaard never explains it, she merely takes it for granted. Here again she posits herself in a long tradition of an anti-masonic conspiracy mythology. She also seems to equate freemasonry and occultism with satanism, which is another tradition, mainly propagated by right wing protestant fundamentalists. The fact that she also includes the Vatican in the Cabal only confirms this.

Now that she has almost identified Walt Disney himself as an illuminatus, Ossebaard shows that symbols like the all-seeing eye, pyramids and other Illuminati hints can be found in movies. In several cases these are cleary Easter eggs hidden by the animators. Like the one below from Ducktales (episode 13 from season 3: “Yuppy Ducks“).

At this moment the chart reads “Ask a Illumintam”. The screenshot Ossebaard uses (10:26) is from a few seconds earlier, the charts then reads”Ask About Illuminati”.

At 10:44 Ossebaard begins to dig up the story of the old tweets that got Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn briefly into trouble in 2018. The tweets from 2008-2011 got him fired by Disney but later he was rehired. Was Gunn endorsing pedophilia? Not really.

A couple more people active in Hollywood are listed by Ossebaard. Producer Dan Schneider was allegedly fired by Nickelodeon because of allegations of abusive behavior and dubious treatment of some of the young stars in his shows. No evidence, just rumours.
The list with perpetrators continues with Brian Peck, Jason James Murphy, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey and of course Harvey Weinstein. “The list of sexual predators is endless” Ossebaard claims (12:12). And then we get the stories of victims like Corey Feldman.

Fake news from

Elijah Wood is brought in as a witness (13:15), but he told The New York Times that all he knew about the issue had come from watching the documentary An Open Secret. Brad Pitt is quoted (13:35): “You think Hollywood is about making movies? That’s just a byproduct: It’s about money, and more importantly, power and control. The people who run Hollywood, also run America, and most of the world, and they don’t care about movies.” but this is from a hoax article on

Ossebaard frames all these cases of sexual abuse, which is of course a serious offense, as pedophilia, though almost none of the examples she brings forward seem to involve prepubescent children. Murphy seems to be the exception, but we also have to keep in mind that most child abusers are actually not pedophiles.

Mel Gibson

This episode ends (from 13:48 onwards) with lengthy quotes from Mel Gibson. According to Ossebaard Gibson was blacklisted in Hollywood after stating that it was “a den of parasites who feast upon the blood children.” These quotes have, however, sprung from the evil fantasy of ‘Baxter Dimitry’ who wrote them in an article on (archived copy), the notorious fake news website wich was also the source for a story Ossebaard used in part3.

Made-up article on notorious fake news, brought by Ossebaard as a true story.

In the topsy-turvy world of Ossebaard nothing is quite like it seems to be. And everything happens for a reason and is interconnected (if you connect the dots). Instead of protecting children, governmental organisations and charities are all part of a global conspiracy, which sells and murders innocent children in strange satanistic and occult rituals.

Ossebaard never explains why Trump is the big exception tot he rule. Even if you erroneously would believe in the existence of a secret, satanic, child-eating elite, then it would make more sense to include Trump in this cabal. For her, like for all true believers, Trump can do no wrong. The fact that Ossebaard is a true believer is the fact that she has a tattoo on her left arm saying WWG1WGA (were we go one, we go all). A slogan used by the QAnon cult. They seem to think that it was engraved on a bell from John F. Kennedy’s boat in WW2, but in fact it’s from the ship Eye of the Wind that was used in the 1996 motion picture White Squall.

Next: debunk of Part 5

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15 thoughts to “Debunking Fall Cabal by Janet Ossebaard – Part 4”

  1. Dear Site Creator, this is my first time viewing your blog, and the first entry I’ve read. I first saw Ossebard’s documentary in around February. Immediately it struck me as a sensationalist piece. There are some valid grievances throughout, but there is a laissez-faire attitude by Ossebard towards checking certain facts. I’ll give her SOME credit for stating in the beginning of the docu that her viewers should investigate everything on their own, which she later states in different words in the docu.

    However- for you, or others, to not go into further detail on investigating pedophile connections regarding Trudeau, and to not elaborate on the many possible deaths surrounding Clinton, is kind of ridiculous, in my opinion.

    I don’t think symbolism should be ignored. You mentioned the duck tales Illuminati duck egg, but (to my knowledge) didn’t mention the other one from the live-action Disney show.

    Some things in this documentary are plainly false or either easily disprovable, highly unlikely/red herrings. Some examples- the sensationalist headlines about Pitt, Gibson, etc. other examples are the photoshopped image of Zuckerberg allegedly looking on some sort of ritual on a beach(I immediately recognized this image and knew it was a fabrication). Another example is the supposed Mel Gibson post-interview TEXT interview where he allegedly exposes Hollywood, which is all third person and contradicts the nature of the actual live interview which can be viewed, and contradicts the fact that Gibson has regained his status in Hollywood in recent years, after his disgrace about a decade ago.

    Another BS example is adrenochrome. How would a CNS stimulant with short term effects cause some sort of rejuvenation? Anyone who knows anything about chemistry would call B.S.

    My message to you, admin, and to other ppl reading who are patently against Ossebard, despite some big examples of lack of research, is to look into these things further. Read the Wikileaks emails yourself. I plan to do this too. If you want to debunk Ossebard , find out if she was ever really a leftist as she claims.

    We’re all learning here. Cheers

    1. I’ll stick to checking claims and avoid vague allegations without any solid evidence. Why does Ossebaard’s statement that she considered herself leftist interest you? She just mentions it as she thinks she needs to explain her sympathy for Trump to European viewers, and there is very little reason to doubt it.

  2. I am hoping you will go through all the rest of the parts, through 10 , please. x

      1. Bro, you’re full of crap for denying literally everything she said in this documentary. I myself believe that this is all one big hoax, but within this hoax I 100% know that there’s a whole lot of evil truth in it. You’re denying child sacrifice and satanic activity and the elite controlling the media and brainwashing people. You’re either in serious denial, or just a puppet.

        1. Please provide decent proof for these child sacrifices and satanic activity. Without your sources there is nothing to discuss.

        2. Hello there! I was encouraged by a neighbor of mine to check this particular documentary out. There are so many gray areas in humanity. Not to mention, the court of public opinion is the ULTIMATE game changer. I have worked in media. The Lame Stream media, if you will. I can agree with the controlling of advertisers. And many things here, seem to be a shoulder shrug of..”that could be likely” However, Ive noticed while watching this on Youtube that the person who posted the link, continuously deletes ANY personal evidence, questioning of the ideas and how they were formed…and I am watching this in real time. ‘Now THATS a thinker’, as she repeats often. I am certainly not posting comments telling anyone what to think. I merely am pointing out other possibilities. I even directly asked the poster of the video, “why are you deleting my comments that there could be other possibilities out there? there are some gray areas, and Isn’t questioning this particular documentary and the way it is presented, what Q wanted everyone to do with his OWN work?” Well, apparently not, bc that comment I made was deleted as I was watching it. I will continue to keep an open mind, but I am particularly noticing that the ‘demonic symbolism’ is actually sign language for I love you, rock and roll, etc. Smh. I care not if anyone is interested, but I shall keep watching and post along the way, as this is the first I have come to find a well written dissection of this ‘Documentary’.

      2. I am so relieved you are carefully going to give these claims This whack a doodle a run for her money
        It is concerning that so many people Believe these conspiracies
        The question is why
        Is it because they want to have a voice and seem to be powerful to repeat something that is a strong statement to support Trump?

        1. The belief in conspiracy theories is partly driven by a general mistrust of authorities (government, science, journalism), but why these particular, actually very shallow, theories like QAnon are now very popular is a bit of a mystery to me.

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