Debunking Fall Cabal by Janet Ossebaard – Part 5

On Wednesday 29 April 2020 Jessica Prim, a woman from Illinois, was arrested in Manhattan, New York. She had travelled over there to ‘take out’ Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, whom she suspected of being part of an elite conspiracy involved in satanic ritual child abuse and murder. On her arrest, the clearly disturbed woman, told the police she had been watching Part 5 of the Fall Cabal video series.

Fragment from the live stream of the woman’s Facebook page.

This post deals with part 5 of the ten part video series Janet Ossebaard published on YouTube and went viral in the first few months of this year. The series, that propagates the far right QAnon conspiracy theory, is called Fall Cabal.
I will not provide links to the videos, but you will have no trouble finding them, although some parts tend to be getting removed by YouTube.

Debunks of other parts:
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Ossebaard’s more recent video series on COVID-19 is debunked here.

Written in collaboration with Peter Zegers.

Children, Art & Pizza

Part 5 is mainly about #PizzaGate. This consipracy theory has been covered widely by the mainstream media, especially after on 4 December 2016 Edgar M. Welch drove six hours from his home in North Carolina to Washington DC to inspect the pizzeria Comet Ping Pong, being armed with several firearms. He expected to find evidence to support claims of child slaves being held there.

Pizzeria Comet Ping Pong in Washington DC (photo: DOCLVHUGO | Wikimedia Commons)

This part of the series was removed by YouTube from Ossebaard’s channel, probably because it deals with #PizzaGate but this ‘censorship’ might have given it a higher status among conspiracists. The video gets reuploaded by other users on YouTube and to other platforms (like Bitchute).


Ossebaard claims (0:10) that there is a normalisation of pedophilia going on. She illustrates this with (fashion) images of children dressed up as grown ups. Whether these sort of images are a particular turn on for pedophiles can be questioned. What is clear is that Ossebaard doesn’t really understand what pedophilia is and she doesn’t want to understand it from a scientific point of view. An excellent article on Mother JonesWhy Are Right-Wing Conspiracies so Obsessed With Pedophilia? – explains that it’s more the changes in the social order that bother QAnons than actual concerns about children being harmed by elitist pedophile networks.

At 0:40 Ossebaard tells us that at an academic presentation at Cambridge University took place on 4-5 June 2018 with the title Liberating the Pedophile at which it was actually stated that the majority of men are probably pedophiles. She got the date wrong, this is about the conference ‘Classifying Sex: Debating DSM-5’ that took place on 4-5 July 2013. There were also a couple of controversial posters on research on pedophilia at that conference. Ossebaard quotes from the poster by Philip Tromovich titled: “The prevalence of pedophilia: What little we know.”

Tromovich was one of the authors of a meta-analysis on sexual child abuse that caused quite a row when it was published in 1998. His poster for the Cambridge conference can be seen here. Though the statements Ossebaard takes from the poster are correct, she misses the point Tromovich is making. His review of the scientific research into the prevelance of pedophilia shows that when you test males for pedophilia, for instance by measuring their arousal (penile stiffness) while looking at pictures of children of different ages, you will find no big differences between actual pedophiles and control groups. It just shows that it is not easy at all to objectively determine whether someone is a pedophile, or someone with a ‘normal’ sexual orientation.

A speaker who held a quite nuanced talk on pedophilia had to ask her talk be removed online because she “had serious concerns about her own safety” after it caused an uproar.

But let’s not dwindle into nuanced discussions on pedophilia, as for Ossebaard it’s a clear cut case: if you mess with children than you’re a pedophile and a criminal. From that limited perspective it is understandable that she abhors articles with titles like (0:57):” Paedophilia is not a crime but a disorder” (New York Times, 2014) and TEDx presentatons (1:05) that state “Pedophilia is not disorder but a sexual orientation” (Würzburg, 2018).

Legal Age of Concent

Ossebaard is convinced that there is a campaign to normalise pedophilia in society. She is not a very careful researcher, so she never makes clear what exactly constitutes paedophilia. It covers a whole range of sexual behavior, but she narrows it down to violent rape of very young children. The legal age of consent varies enormously in the world. So what’s illegal in one state in the U.S. is perfectly legal in another, the age of consent varies from 16 to 18 years. Ossebaard suggests that the cabal wants to lower the age of consent to make sex with children legal (1:25).

Ossebaard illustrates this by giving examples of people in high places who, according to her, have pleaded for lowering the age of consent or have otherwise made pedophilia more socially acceptable. At 1:39 she claims that US Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg pleaded for an age of consent of 12 years. An old myth, Ginsburg co-authored a report in 1974 that pleaded for gender neutral language, it didn’t contain proposals for a lower age of consent.

Patricia Hewitt (1:53) did indeed call for the age of consent to be lowered. This was in a 1976 report of the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), of which Hewitt was general secretary at the time. In 2014 she apologised for this support to the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE): “the NCCL in the 1970s, along with many others, was naïve and wrong to accept PIE’s claim to be a ‘campaigning and counselling organisation’ that ‘does not promote unlawful acts.’ […] I should have urged the council to take strong measures to protect NCCL’s integrity from the activities of PIE members and sympathisers and I deeply regret not having done so.”

Another’Baxter Dimitry’

At 2:18 Ossebaard claims wrongly that Theresa May stated that “pedophiles should be able to adopt children too”. This comes from an article by fake news website NeonNettle. This is followed by showing a screenshot from another fake news website (NewsPunch). It’s an article by ‘Baxter Dimitry’ who seems to be quite a favourite of Ossebaard as this is certainly not the first time we’ve encountered this author in the debunks we’ve made so far.

Based on the examples of fake news we’ve seen Ossebaard claims (3:10) that “society is pushing pedophilia down our throats.” Exactly the opposite is true, pedophilia is more a taboo than say 50 years ago.

Ossebaard rehashes (3:20) her obesession with the ‘pedophile symbols’ that we’ve already dealt with in the debunk of Part 4. The only example she adds (3:42) is the ring worn by politician Sheila Jackson-Lee. What is her role? Ossebaard doesn’t elaborate, but Jackson-Lee might have been a target of QAnon because she is a Democrat active on immigration issues.

Pizzagate – Comet Ping Pong

Now Ossebaard gets closer to #PizzaGate. Because this became so big that it was discussed by the major media outlets, we’re not going to try to debunk all things Ossebaard brings up, or to give a complete picture of the issue. Here are some interesting reads about #PizzaGate, but we’ll deal with several specific claims Ossebaard makes.

A suspicious (?) symbol in the clip from the band Sex Stains (YouTube)

At 4:01 Ossebaard shows a clip from a music video of punk rock band Sex Stains, it contains the blue spiral triangle! If you’ve read the debunks of the previous parts you already know that that is actually the ‘BoyLover’ symbol used by pedophiles, at least in the minds of QAnons. Therefore it is rather suspicous that the poster for the performance of the band at Comet Ping Pong (15 Sept 2016) mentions that it is for all ages. In the description to the original YouTube video of the song, the band is defending itself against these silly accusations.

Next up are some images that were taken from the instagram account of Comet Ping Pong or from people who had just like that account. But this has been dealt with adequately by for instance The New York Times.


Next Ossebaard is portraying James Alefantis, owner of the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria, as a powerful figure with ties to the heart of the Democratic party establishment. The facts she tells here are not untrue but the framing is obvious.
Alefantis once had a love affair with David Brock, founder of Media Matters for America, a watchdog that monitors conservative media, which received one million dollar from Soros in 2010. Brock also founded Correct the Record, a PAC that aimed to respond to negative online narratives about Hillary Clinton on social media. Ossebaard calls these acitivities censorship. Showing with good arguments that someone is telling complete nonsens on the internet is a horrible thing to do, I know ….

John (l) and Tony (r) Podesta (photos: Gage Skidmore & Cliff | Wikimedia Commons)

And of course, Alefantis is connected to the Podesta brothers. The assumption that their relation is beyond Tony Podesta just being a frequent visitor to the pizzeria and that Alefantis and Podesta share an interest in art, is all based on ‘decoding’ the Podesta emails that were leaked via Wikileaks.


Ossebaard mentions (7:28) that Tony Podesta is an art collector, but she clearly doesn’t like his taste and choice of artists. She shows works of several artists Tony Podesta collects: Margi Geerlinks, Patricia Piccinini, Biljana Djurdjevic and Louise Bourgeois. One artwork of Bourgeois, Arch of Hysteria, does remind (8:51) Ossebaard of the ‘work’ of Jeffrey Dahmer, a notorious serial killer, without given any thought on what Bourgeois herself has said the piece is about.

A Comet Ping Pong poster Ossebaard suggests is for an exhibition by Kim Noble. It’s actually for a performance of the Indyband Teenage Aviation in 2012.

British paintress Kim Noble gets a special mention (9:05) for her “most interesting work”. Noble is herself is a victim of child abuse and suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Her paintings depict scenes in which children are abused. According to Ossebaard her work was exhibited in Comet Ping Pong and shows a poster (9.34) supposedly made for that exhibition. Kim Noble, however, denies ever having had anything to do with Comet Ping Pong. And the poster? Well, that was actually a poster to promote a gig in 2012 with the Indy band Teenage Aviation.

Even if some of these artists did indeed exhibit work in Comet Ping Pong, we don’t get any evidence shown by Ossebaard that these exhibitions also contained their more explicit works.

Ossebaard can’t believe that an owner of a pizza restaurant can have ties with powerful people like the Podestas, so he must be important because of other reason. Such a reason can easily be made-up with a little imagination or they can be blindly copied from other QAnon writings.

At 10:18 Ossebaard shows a tweet by Hillary Clinton. It allegedly was posted some time after #Pizzagate. Does she actually think it is real? If so, I guess she must accept that she herself sent the tweet below.

Must be a real tweet, it even has the blue verification sign.

Then Ossebaards starts to shuffle some letters (10:40): “James Alefantis = J’aime les Enfants”. Close, but no sigar, it is not a perfect anagram. And why leave out his middle name when that is supposed to be an important clue for the following bizarre claim?

He is a Rothschild

Embed from Getty Images

From 10:54 onwards Ossebaard ‘proves’ that Alefantis is in fact a Rothschild. Apparently the only ‘evidence’ this is based upon is a very superficial resemblance between Alefantis and someone on a photo of the Rothschild family. This photo was taken in 1994 at the Jewish cemetery in Frankfurt during a visit of a large number of Rothschilds to the exhibition about their family history in the Jewish Museum. At that time Alefantis would have been barely 20 years old.

In the ‘Q-mythology’ there is a strinking resemblance between these two men.

But hey (11:00), there happens to be a Rothschild with ‘Achille’ as middle name: Evelyn Achille de Rothschild (1886-1917). He died unmarried and childless, but that doens’t stop QAnons to suggest that he had an illigitimate son named Louis George Alefantis who is the grandfather of the Comet Ping Pong owner. This reminds us of the conspiracy theory that Adolf Hitler was tought of as being of Jewish decent, maybe even a Rothschild, because of the circumstance that the paternity of Hitler’s father Alois was never established, so there was plenty of room for baseless speculation.

The Podesta emails, leaked via Wikileaks, (13:16) about pizza and codes are dealt with in the debunks mentioned earlier. We don’t really have anything to add to those.

At 15:30 Ossebaard presents the story of a ‘super secure backdoor’ on the website of Comet Ping Pong where child porn, or worse, could be ordered for high prices. A story made-up by QAnon YouTuber Titus Frost.

The Clintons again

Hillary Clinton returns in the story at 14:20. Ossebaard suggests that she deleted the 33,000 emails from her server to wipe out traces of her involvement with the pizzeria. As ‘proof’ she shows a screengrab of an email that was allegedly leaked via Wikileaks. It’s not.

A fake email, allegedly leaked via Wikileaks.

The reference to hotdogs in this email is also based on a myth: Obama didn’t spend $ 65,000 on hotdogs, whether taken literally or as code for male prostitutes.

Then (17:50) Ossebaard is trying to link Bill Clinton to Brazilian faith healer João Teixeira de Faria, better known as John of God. The claim seems mostly based on a article on fake news website NewsPunch (“Police have arrested Bill Clinton’s faith healer for running Brazil’s largest ever child sex ring”). Although it appears that John of God claims to have treated Bill Clinton, we could not find evidence for that.

In 2018 charges of sexual abuse were brought forward by several women against John of God and in 2019 he was sentenced to 19 years imprisonment, with several cases still to be heard in court. Some of the allegations involved sexual abuse of children of 14 years old, but wilder claims have been made.
Ossebaard says she knows that John of God admitted selling babies of the women he kept as sex slaves for thousands of dollars. As usual without giving any evidence whatsoever, but here it seems that she takes the allegations of activist Sabrina Bittencourt (18:06) for granted. Bittencourt committed suicide, a suspicious death Bill Clinton surely must know more about, Ossebaard suggests.

One of the buildings on Little St. James, the private island of Jeffrey Epstein. (YouTube)

According to Ossebaard (18:15) Bill Clinton went to the private island of Jeffrey Epstein in the plane of the multimillionaire, who commited suicide in 2019 when he was arrested facing charges for the sex trafficking of minors. Clinton did indeed fly a few times on that plane (26 flights on 6 trips), but didn’t visit any of the estates of Epstein. Epstein had connections to many high placed persons in politics, finance and science. Even Donald Trump used to consider him a “terrific guy” and “a lot of fun to be with.”

At the end of this episode, we hear (18:41) that Jenny Moore was supposedly investigating Bill Clinton for rape of a young boy and that she had told the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security about this. Shortly after, she was found dead in a hotel room. According to Ossebaard Moore was a former police officer. There is no evidence that calling Moore an “investigative journalist” is based on more than just her sharing conspiracy videos on YouTube and the whole story seems largely based on what fake news website True Pundit wrote about it.

As a cliffhanger Ossebaard mentions that she will reveal in Part 6 that the swimming pool that features in some of the paintings she discussed earlier actually exists and that she knows where it is located.

What strikes most in this episode, is that Ossebaard is not telling anything about Edgar Welch. You could argue that he was doing exactly what she asks from her viewers: ‘do your own research’. His efforts proved at least that there was not a shred of evidence for child abuse or a pedophile network at Comet Ping Pong. Why doesn’t he even deserve a mention by Ossebaard?
The other thing the incidents with Edgar Welch and Jessica Prim prove is that people can get really disturbed by conspirational stories like Fall Cabal and can even be insprired to act dangerously.

Next: debunk of Parts 6-10

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24 thoughts to “Debunking Fall Cabal by Janet Ossebaard – Part 5”

  1. Ruth Bader Ginsburg pleaded for an age of consent of 12 years. TRUE
    Every webpage i’ve seen which “debunks” this gives you another source from another year. Same as you. It is quite easy justo to read this
    You have to download the original pdf. The link is somewhere there.
    The paper says:

    1. The age of consent for sexual acts must be lowered to 12 years old.
    “Eliminate the phrase ‘carnal knowledge of any female, not his wife, who has not attained the age of 16 years’ and substitute a federal, sex-neutral definition of the offense. . .
    A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person, . . . [and] the other person is, in fact, less than 12 years old.” (p. 102)

    1. Wrong. You quote from a document which cherry-picks quotes out of context from the report that was co-authored by Ginsburg. This document was written by Susan Hirschmann as executive director of the Eagle Forum, a conservative lobby group, and brought in during the hearings for the appointment of Ginsburg into the Supreme Court.

    2. Yeah, Like I’m gonna take an article from a blog called the “pro white party” seriously. Jesus Christ you conspiracy theorists are wild.

  2. The thing with you is that you take for granted that your sources are not fraudulent. Snopes? CNN? Don’t make me laugh…

    While some of the debunking that you do, does highlight lack of evidence and some mistakes from the Janet Ossebaard, it is not a debunking.

    For example, you state that the telescope of the Vatican is not named Lucifer, but a part of it was named Lucifer. It doesn’t matter which part is named Lucifer, the fact that the Vatican WOULD use the name of the son of Satan isn’t that suspicious?

    A debunking would have been real if you had proven that there is NO cabal and NO conspiracy. What you did was just muddling the waters. You instilled doubt, which is actually exactly what the side that is on the DEFENSE does. You’re just very good at it, and unfortunately, people don’t see this, they take you as a kind of authority, which, you’re not.

    If only you were willing to challenge the mainstream narrative the way you’re challenging Fall of the Cabal. You’d be surprised how far the rabbit hole goes…

    1. ” debunking would have been real if you had proven that there is NO cabal and NO conspiracy.”
      You can’t prove a negative dipshit. Why don’t you prove to me that leprechauns aren’t real.
      I am presuming (possibly wrongly) that you don’t believe in those?

      The person that needs to prove the conspiracy is the one making the claim. The mistakes listed on the completely incoherent and confused diarrhea of statements from this Janet Ossebaard moron are literally what debunking is.

      1. I haven’t gone too deep into the rabbit hole to not be able to return to the surface, luckily.
        It’s hard when you have been seeing videos one after the other that are confirming each others claims, to actually step out and look at things objectively. Same as the reason we can’t disprove God’s existence, but if you surround yourself with enough people that believe, you believe yourself. But to insult the believer’s intelligence will only put them in defence and make them believe more in what they believed in, although it’s horseshit. I advise you to take them on less harshly and maybe we can increase the global common sense.
        Nevertheless this comment above is an absolutely solid reasoning, and above all, hilarious.
        I give you +5 for style points.

  3. You haven’t debunked Pizzagate at all mate.. or Podesta.. Look at Pizzagate in it’s entirety and find me ay reference to the context of the emails and an explanation for it? I’ve looked everywhere and all anyone says is it’s a ‘Debunked Conspiracy Theory’ with no actual proof of a debunk.. Wikipaedia for example states that it’s a debunked story but only references Mainstream media outlets as it’s source.. On further investigation into these sources NONE explain the context of the emails… All you talk about is the Obama email… Where is the explanation to the Podesta emails? The logo change? (FBI 2007 paedo codes expose).. The guys Instagram page and the content within?…. If you are going to debunk… DEBUNK ALL… not just what you can explain or disprove..
    Too many holes …. In this case there should be a proper investigation… Where is it?

    1. It’s quite simple, the people who think Pizzagate is real have to come up with decent evidence. You talk about the context of the email, but those are just simple emails. Only if you want to read them as a code you made up yourself first, you can read something sinister in them. It’s like that with all the ‘clues’ in Pizzagate. I don’t really care what Ossebaard thinks about the people who run, she doesn’t give any arguments against there debunks that are pretty well-sourced.
      Another pizza restaurant changed their logo, so what? It was obviously in reaction to the silly accusations that their previous logo was a deliberate reference to these so-called paedophile signs. It’s like mixing up cause and effect.

  4. Sorry mate but you haven’t debunked Pizzagate at all. You only mention the Obama email.. What about Podesta ? What about the context of the wording? What about the logo change… You haven’t debunked the most important story on the whole video.. Go watch Out of Shadows (official).
    Are you on the payroll too? and you credit Snopes? What about her claims of Snopes?
    You are also quoting mainstream media as reference points… But wheres the debunk on Pizzagate dude? Mainly Podesta please…
    Granted there are a lot of false pictures and video’s …. I want to know what you think about the above please.

  5. There are way too many coincidences here for it to be 100% false. At the very least there are some sick people out there trafficking children, and the media is being fed propaganda from the government. This much is obvious – for many though, they will find this article, think it was all untrue, and quit looking forever. That would be so sad. Look into who sponsors these articles and it is always the same few people. Please do LOTS of research into this, people. NOT just the news articles but the FIRST HAND SOURCES.

    1. So where are your first hand sources for the pizzagate story? And about these ‘coincidence’: these are baseless associations, there is not a single piece of hard evidence for the whole pizzagate story, and teh believers ignore every bit of hard evidence that disproves their fantasies. You could probably invent such a story for almost anybody, that’s the scary part of it all.

  6. You really left a lot of the pizzagate stuff out , the fucked up artwork for a start look there are way too many coincdences .

    1. Just tell us which particular art piece (timestamp in the video) and explain what it proves to you.

      1. “she never makes clear what exactly constitutes paedophilia”

        This is your weak ass argument? Let me spell it out simply. “Sex between an adult and a child, romantic relationship, or any other behavior by an adult that is sexually inappropriate to children.”

        1. If you would have read the paragraph with subtitle ‘Pedophilia’ carefully you could have spared yourself the trouble to comment in this way.

  7. Thank your for your very important work on documenting the almost undocumentable claims by Ossebaard, and now proven to yet again be mere falsehoods and lies. And still, despite the facts, some people will rather believe Ossebaard. Conspiracy theory researcher Karen Douglas, a social psychology professor at the University of Kent, has researched on why certain theories have such staying power. But there isn’t a clear answer: “Conspiracy theories are likely to be more successful when they confirm what people want to believe, they are also likely to be successful if they are interesting/exciting and offer a ‘big’ explanation for a ‘big’ event.”

  8. Do you plan on debunking the rest of the parts/segments? Please do. Thanks for posting these.

      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to debunk that load of crap. I was about to do it when I came across your work, so I’ll be pointing people your way.
        Waiting for your next post!

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