Someone fucked up badly at MDPI Vaccines

Update 2 July 2021: The article has been retracted!

Update 28 June 2021: An Expression of Concern has just been published concerning the article by Walalch, Aukema and Klement! I’ve added the text at the end of this post.

Twitter thread on a new publication by ‘the consortium’:

(link to the article by Edward Nirenberg)
(link to the page on Lareb website)

As Leonid Schneider reports in the comments to this post, a retraction is on its way. Just now (28 June) an Expression of Concern has been published, here is the text:

The journal is issuing this expression of concern to alert readers to significant concerns regarding the paper cited above [1].
Serious concerns have been raised about misinterpretation of the data and the conclusions.
The major concern is the misrepresentation of the COVID-19 vaccination efforts and
misrepresentation of the data, e.g., Abstract: “For three deaths prevented by vaccination
we have to accept two > inflicted by vaccination”. Stating that these deaths linked to vaccination efforts is incorrect and distorted.
We will provide an update following the conclusion of our investigation. The authors
have been notified about this Expression of Concern.


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9 thoughts to “Someone fucked up badly at MDPI Vaccines”

  1. Vaccines’ EiC Ralph Tripp to me just now:
    “We are currently investigating what happened to the review process, and are currently publishing an Expression of Concern letter and initiating steps to retract the manuscript as soon as possible.”

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