UFO symposium at KU Leuven was cancelled. The Curse of the Mummy?

A symposium on UFOs, or UAPs as they are called these days, was to take place at the Catholic University of Leuven on November 4 and 5 2023. The website of the Science, Engineering and Technology Group had a detailed announcement and you could already register for the event there. Today was the last opportunity to choose the cheapest Early Bird option, but you can save yourself the trouble.

A number of well-known names from the UFO scene were programmed, including American author Leslie Kean, who is playing quite a role in the resurgence of interest in the subject. She was going to give an update on that state of affairs with “whistleblower” David Grusch. Check out Mick West and Steven Greenstreet’s commentary on the Congress UFO Hearing. Or read about the Italian UFO case/hoax, which he brought back to attention.

But it’s all off! Today, the symposium website looks like this:

Surely that is quite a difference from yesterday.

Completely unexpected it is not. The program also included the more exotic and esoteric sides of the UFO field. One of the organisers, Andrea Lani, who is a researcher at the Science, Engineering and Technology Group and must have arranged most of the logistics, holds such bizarre ideas himself. A few excerpts from a website where he talks about them:

Welcome to “Stargate 2 Heaven”. I am an aerospace scientist, Ph.D., research manager by profession who has always had an innate passion for the “paranormal” which I have always perceived as a part of our reality which needed to be investigated.

After a series of transformational experiences, I have discovered to be a channeler and messenger for interdimensional/intergalactic beings and a gatekeeper. Those personal experiences included: psychic readings, three past lives regressions under hypnosis with different techniques  […]

In particular, right after the world meditation on 4/4/2020, I discovered to have activated an interdimensional portal, a stargate, through which under meditation I get in contact with various ET beings (e.g. Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, Lyrans, Antarians, Blue Avians, golden beings from the Central Sun) and high spirits (Sananda/Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangels) who are assisting Earth to transition to a new phase.


In addition to your own experience, while doing 1:1 meditations, I channel info about your cosmic connections, spirit animals, chakra blockages, past lives and related traumas possibly causing health problems (e.g. allergies) or specific limiting patterns in this life.

Bit of a strange hobby for a serious scientist, isn’t it?

On X, one of the other organisers, Ted Roe, puts the reason for the cancellation at the outcry last week over the bizarre display of so-called aliens in the Mexican parliament (see The true story of the fake unboxed aliens is wilder than actual aliens).

In my opinion, there were enough reasons for the university to dispel the impression that the event had a scientific character that would be supported by the institution. Presumably, the university administration or the Science & Technology Group did not get a sense of what the symposium was specifically about until a few days ago when the organizers started advertising it more.

Whether the event is now going ahead in a different way or is indeed off the table altogether is not immediately clear to me. In the meantime, we’ll just have to make do with one of the promotional videos they made. Or, no! They’ve since deleted or put those all on private…

Such an absolute waste! Fortunately, I had saved us a copy 😉.

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