(Photo: Daniel Niessen)

Pepijn van Erp

A mathematician by education (Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands). I’ve worked as a quantitative consultant for TNT Post (now PostNL) and spend some years in Tanzania. After returning to the Netherlands I have worked for the Nijmegen University Fund (not as a scientist). Currently looking for a part-time job next to my other activities.

My main writing interests lie in science, bad science and pseudoscience. My articles are generally written in Dutch and that’s why I started this website. I thought some of my articles might interest people without knowledge of this beautiful language and I started to publish translations of some of those articles on this site. But now there is quite a number of posts I wrote just for this website. Longer articles are accessible via the top menu.

Since March 2012 I’m a board member of the Dutch sceptical foundation Skepsis. Most articles I write in Dutch are published on Kloptdatwel.nl (a blog started by people connected to Skepsis, but not formally related to this foundation) and in Skepter, the magazine of Skepsis (most of those articles are also published on the website of Skepsis after some time). Probably I’ll write about other things as well on this website. Chess is a likely subject.

You can mail me on info [at] pepijnvanerp [dot] nl