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IACH Research Award for Study on Homeopathic Prevention of Piglet Diarrhoea

The International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH) has chosen the study on the prevention of diarrhoea in piglets by Irene Camerlink and Liesbeth Ellinger as the best scientific article on homeopathy. This wonderful news was announced on the website of the Royal Dutch Patients Organisation for Homeopathy. The study has already got some attention on, a […]

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Oliver Sacks’s Twins and Prime Numbers

In his book “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat” (1985) Oliver Sacks describes an intriguing case of savant syndrome. He tells the story about his encounter with the twins John and Michael, who had been in institutions since childhood, variously diagnosed as autistic, psychotic or severely retarded. Others before Sacks had already investigated these boys and […]

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The Ecowasbal and TüV-certification

In Ecowasbal afgekeurd I follow up on my investigation into the Ecowasbal. This time the focus is on the use of certificates issued by institutes like TüV Süd. I discovered that the main certificate in this case is invalid and it’s authorization probably falsified by the South Korean producer. The article is in Dutch, if you don’t master […]

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